Dearest (Qin ai de)

Dearest (Qin ai de) China /Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Peter Chan One of the worst things for a parent is to have their young child abducted from them. The emotional torment of the parents must be unimaginable but at least a full police search being conducted - unless you live in a country where the … Continue reading Dearest (Qin ai de)


Three (Cert 15) Digital Download (Distributor: Kaleidoscope Entertainment) Running Time: 88 minutes approx. Johnny To has been one of the leading lights in Hong Kong cinema since the turn of the millennium, with a slew of gritty, violent, densely plotted and stylishly shot crime thrillers. Recently To has stepped out of his comfort zone trying … Continue reading Three

So Young (Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun)

So Young (Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun) China (2013) Dir. Zhao Wei In mid-90’s southern China 18 year-old Zhang Wei (Yang Zishan) arrives at Jingnan Polytechnic for a four year course in civil engineering. She is roomed with three distinctly different girls: good looking Ruan Guan (Maggie Jiang), fussy Li … Continue reading So Young (Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun)

Demon Hunter – The Resurrection

Demon Hunter – The Resurrection (Cert 18) 1 Disc (Distributor: Cine-Asia) Running time: 131 minutes approx. Five hundred years after her interment in ice, immortal fox demon Xiaowei (Zhou Xun) is freed by a bird demon Qu’er (Mini Yang). Tiring of needing to feed on human hearts to survive, Xiaowei believes that becoming a human … Continue reading Demon Hunter – The Resurrection


  Love Taiwan (2012) Dir. Doze Niu Between Beijing and Taipei, this portmanteau film looks at a disparate group of people whose search for love slowly finds their lives intertwining. Materialistic socialite Zoe Fang (Shu Qi) begins to tire of her relationship with the older Lu (Doze Niu) and finds herself seeking solace in the … Continue reading Love