Hit-and-Run Squad (Bbaengban)

Hit-and-Run Squad (Bbaengban) Korea (2019) Dir. Han Jun-Hee Apparently, motor racing is a corrupt sport. What a shocker eh? Well, that might not be completely true but in the context of this Korean film it is, although it is just one part of the plot and I couldn’t think of another way to open this … Continue reading Hit-and-Run Squad (Bbaengban)

Another Child (Miseongnyeon)

Another Child (Miseongnyeon) Korea (2019) Dir. Kim Yoon-seok It is quite incredible, but also rather sad, that some children are forced to grow up much quicker than they should due to circumstances beyond their control. This could be seen as a testament to their maturity and strength of character but this still doesn’t make it … Continue reading Another Child (Miseongnyeon)

The Mimic (Jang-san-beom)

The Mimic (Jang-san-beom) Korea (2017) Dir. Huh Jung “Monkey see, Monkey do” is the commonly used expression when children copy or repeat something they’ve seen or heard which they really shouldn’t have. Quite often, this is harmless enough and they can be weaned off from reoffending, but what if this aping becomes uncomfortable to the … Continue reading The Mimic (Jang-san-beom)

Sad Movie (Saedeu mubi)

Sad Movie (Saedeu mubi) Korea (2005) Dir. Kwon Jong-kwan If only all films were this honest and direct with their titles. Can you imagine how many hours of our lives we could have saved if films were called “Predictable Soppy Romance”, “Overlong Pretentious Guff” or “Michael Bay’s Latest”? Delivering exactly what it says on the … Continue reading Sad Movie (Saedeu mubi)