Keys To The Heart (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang)

Keys To The Heart (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang) Korea (2018) Dir. Choi Sung-Hyun  Families. We all need them even if we think we don’t. Some of us are lucky to have one, other aren’t, while some people seem to go out of their way to wreck theirs because the lines of communication are seldom open. It … Continue reading Keys To The Heart (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang)

A Good Lawyer’s Wife (Baramnan gajok)

A Good Lawyer's Wife (Baramnan gajok) Korea (2003) Dir. Im Sang-soo  “If only they kept in their pants” would appear to be the initial message of this saucy Korean film, but that is not necessarily the problem - rather, it is communicating with each other and seeking a more proper solution to that problem which … Continue reading A Good Lawyer’s Wife (Baramnan gajok)

The Bacchus Lady (Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja)

The Bacchus Lady (Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja) Korea (2016) Dir. E J-yong The original Korean title for this poignant and rather tragic outing from the enigmatically named E J-yong is The Killer Woman, a deceptive and less poetic title than the one used for its international release, which tells those of us outside of Korea very little … Continue reading The Bacchus Lady (Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja)

Hill Of Freedom (Ja-yu-eui eon-deok)

Hill Of Freedom (Ja-yu-eui eon-deok) Korea (2014) Dir. Hong Sang-soo It is fair to say that Hong Sang-soo is something of an anomaly in cinema insofar as being a one-note director who is able to somehow still make fresh and intriguing films regardless of him essentially reinventing the wheel with each new project. Hill Of … Continue reading Hill Of Freedom (Ja-yu-eui eon-deok)

Boomerang Family (Goryeonghwa Gajok)

Boomerang Family (Goryeonghwa Gajok) Korea (2013) Dir. Song Hae-Sung Film director Oh In-Mo (Park Hae-Il) is man going through a crisis. He is flat broke, his last film flopped and his wife has left him. He is about to hang himself when his mother (Youn Yuh-Jung) calls him to come home. When he gets there … Continue reading Boomerang Family (Goryeonghwa Gajok)