Movie Review – Voice Of Silence (Sorido Eopsi)

Voice Of Silence (Sorido Eopsi) Korea (2020) Dir. Hong Ui-Jung One of the things I don’t miss about employment is being told what to do and having to do it. Some people are in jobs where they have little say in the decisions made and obey whatever order is given to them. If you work … Continue reading Movie Review – Voice Of Silence (Sorido Eopsi)

#Alive (#Saraitda)

#Alive (#Saraitda) Korea (2020) Dir. Cho Il-hyung The zombie genre appears to be one that has little room for development beyond the premise of infected people eating the uninfected, whilst those who can, try to survive. Leave it to the Koreans, who came rather late to the zombie party, to find a way to bring … Continue reading #Alive (#Saraitda)


Burning (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Thunderbird Releasing) Running Time: 148 minutes approx. I’ve been a fan of Lee Chang-dong for many years. His film Poetry was my favourite for 2010 whilst 2002’s Oasis remains one of the most hard-hitting social dramas on the subject of disability I’ve ever seen. So, with buzz surrounding … Continue reading Burning

Default (Gukgabudo-ui Nal)

Default (Gukgabudo-ui Nal) Korea (2018) Dir. Choi Kook-Hee Bankers. There is a reason its rude rhyming alternative exists and it’s not limited to here in the UK either. In 1997, Korea was embroiled in a major financial scandal due to the actions of corrupt politicians that was seen a key contribution to Korea’s financial crash … Continue reading Default (Gukgabudo-ui Nal)

Like For Likes (Joa-haejo)

Like For Likes (Joa-haejo) Korea (2016) Dir. Park Hyun-Jin If romantic comedies ever had a handicap working against them it is that the genre is notoriously difficult to be completely original and, most importantly, unpredictable in. As much as I can’t stand the insipid Love Actually, Richard Curtis did at least try a few different … Continue reading Like For Likes (Joa-haejo)

Veteran (Beterang)

Veteran (Beterang) Korea (2015) Dir. Ryoo Seung-Wan Who would want to be on the police force in Korea? Not only do you often end up beaten within an inch of your life on a regular basis but also your superiors try to thwart your every move while well-connected criminals are able to bribe and manipulate … Continue reading Veteran (Beterang)

Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal)

Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal) Korea (2014) Dir.  Lee Han  It is ironic for a country to have made so many damning films on the subject of bullying and teen suicides that the problem still exists, thus more films will be made about it until it is addressed. With the addition to the ranks of … Continue reading Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal)

Antique Bakery (Sayangkoldong yangkwajajeom aentikeu)

Antique Bakery (Sayangkoldong yangkwajajeom aentikeu) Korea (2008) Dir. Kyu-Dong Min Single man Kim Jin Hyeok (Joo Ji Hoon) has a large inheritance to spend so he decides that opening a cake store would be the best use of his money, despite his hatred of cakes. Instead he hopes this will pull in the ladies and … Continue reading Antique Bakery (Sayangkoldong yangkwajajeom aentikeu)