Movie Review – Summer of ’44 (Die Freibadclique)

Summer of '44 (Die Freibadclique) Germany (2017) Dir. Friedemann Fromm Teenagers in any country in most eras were more interested in living their lives and having fun than being concerned with what the adults were up to do, and this extends to the youth of Germany during World War II. With no interest in Hitler’s … Continue reading Movie Review – Summer of ’44 (Die Freibadclique)

Movie Review – Five Graves To Cairo

Five Graves To Cairo US (1943) Dir. Billy Wilder The Germans got everywhere during World War II, despite most films on this subject concentrating on their European occupation, for instance, the desert campaigns that took in Africa. Fear not, British were on hand to thwart this global takeover bid, first taking out the German’s allies … Continue reading Movie Review – Five Graves To Cairo

Movie Review – The Secret Hero (aka Süskind)

The Secret Hero (aka Süskind) Netherlands (2012) Dir. Rudolf van den Berg “I don’t want to be a hero, I want to be a husband” Thus spoke Walter Süskind, a German-Jew not just caught between two worlds via his DNA but also through his actions. To some, he is a hero for saving the lives … Continue reading Movie Review – The Secret Hero (aka Süskind)

The Painted Bird (Nabarvené ptáče)

The Painted Bird (Nabarvené ptáče) Czech Republic (2019) Dir. Václav Marhoul Survival is something we all have to do in our lives in one way or another, but are forced to some start earlier than others; war, for example, being a prominent cause for this. The fortunate ones will get help when they need it … Continue reading The Painted Bird (Nabarvené ptáče)


Hanagatami Japan (2017) Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi Very few people get to learn when their time is up, so they can prepare for taking the necessary steps for their final hurrah. Surreal Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi was someone afforded this privilege, so he decided his swan song would be to make the film he had wanted … Continue reading Hanagatami

Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit US/New Zealand (2019) Dir. Taika Waititi Back in the 1940s, especially in Britain, comedies about Hitler and the war were quite common, designed to lift the spirits of the nation as plucky British soldiers gave the Hun what for. Since then, satirising this period of history has waned drastically - until now… During … Continue reading Jojo Rabbit

Across The Waters (Fuglene over sundet)

Across The Waters (Fuglene over sundet) Denmark (2016) Dir. Nicolo Donato How many more times must people be told - “Don’t Trust Anyone” before they start listening? This was never a more vital aphorism than during World War II where even those who seem altruistic and helpful were in fact looking to exploit all situations … Continue reading Across The Waters (Fuglene over sundet)

Gulag: Forgotten Prisoners Of WWII (aka Eternal Winter) (Örök tél)

Gulag: Forgotten Prisoners Of WWII (aka Eternal Winter) (Örök tél) Hungary (2018) Dir. Attila Szász When discussing the atrocities committed during World War II, the Nazis are naturally going to be the first on the list. Yet, it is a fact that they were not alone in executing vile acts of cruelty on other nations. … Continue reading Gulag: Forgotten Prisoners Of WWII (aka Eternal Winter) (Örök tél)

Memoir Of War (La douleur)

Memoir Of War (La douleur) France (2017) Dir. Emmanuel Finkiel We Brits have a reputation for being patient when it comes to waiting in the eyes of the rest of the world, though this isn’t strictly true, as we get as antsy as anyone else. Then again, waiting for a bus is less a strain … Continue reading Memoir Of War (La douleur)

Werewolf (Wilkolak)

Werewolf (Wilkolak) Poland (2018) Dir. Adrian Panek As filmmakers continue to mine World War II for inspiration to tell stories either fictional or based on real events, Polish director Adrian Panek tries something a little different for his second film. No lycanthropes here I’m afraid, instead Panek looks at the post war struggle for normalcy … Continue reading Werewolf (Wilkolak)