Movie Review – Project Wolf Hunting

Project Wolf Hunting (Neugdaesanyang) Korea (2022) Dir. Kim Hong-sun “No animal should act like it’s human” What about humans who act like animals? Is there a difference? People with superiority complexes may argue those with feral tendencies lack breeding and class, but that is exactly what you’d expect from an egomaniac. If someone does act … Continue reading Movie Review – Project Wolf Hunting

Movie Review – Royal Warriors

Royal Warriors (Wong ga jin si) Hong Kong (1986) Dir. David Chung You may recall I recently reviewed a couple of 80s Hong Kong action flicks that ended up being attached to a franchise which didn’t exist at the time. Well, after In The Line Of Duty III, and IV and Yes, Madam! - the … Continue reading Movie Review – Royal Warriors

Movie Review – The Alleys

The Alleys Jordan (2021) Dir. Bassel Ghandour Living in a community where everybody knows everybody else’s business is bad enough to avoid gossip and moral censure from uptight neighbours. Living in a community that adheres to old fashion traditions and is run by criminals is tantamount to being forced to be on your best behaviour … Continue reading Movie Review – The Alleys

Movie Review – The Doll

The Doll (Die Puppe) Germany (1919) Dir. Ernst Lubitsch We should be grateful that familial pressures to get married are not a thing for most of us today, but if they were, with technological advancements being what they are make it easier to fake a marriage. Back in the old days however, such deception called … Continue reading Movie Review – The Doll

Movie Review – 20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl (20segi sonyeo) Korea (2022) Dir. Bang Woo-Ri You can’t predict the future so you may as well live for the now. This doesn’t mean you can’t look back on your past and wonder if you could have done anything differently; just don’t expect to be able to fix the outcome if it … Continue reading Movie Review – 20th Century Girl

Movie Review – Violent Streets

Violent Streets (Bôryoku gai) Japan (1974) Dir. Hideo Gosha Being a Yakuza might be dangerous, yet it gives wayward some younger people a sense of belonging and purpose to burn off that rebellious energy. The downside is that unless you die, leaving the Yakuza is not easy and someone or something will come to drag … Continue reading Movie Review – Violent Streets

Movie Review – Le Brio

Le Brio France (2017) Dir. Yvan Attal “What matters is to be right. The truth doesn’t count.” But what is right? As subjective as this statement is, so is the acceptance of its meaning. It was spoken by a professor of law to give you some context, which is quite terrifying as his job is … Continue reading Movie Review – Le Brio

Movie Review – Punk Samurai

Punk Samurai (Panku-zamurai, kirarete sôrô) Japan (2018) Dir. Gakuryu Ishii Lying in order to get a job is something a lot of people do, although it is usually a white lie that can be covered by quickly learning the skill you’ve claimed to have rather than an egregious whopper. Either way, lies have a habit … Continue reading Movie Review – Punk Samurai

Anime Review – RE:cycle Of The PENGUINDRUM

RE:cycle Of The PENGUINDRUM (Cert 15) Limited Theatrical Release (Distributor: Anime Ltd.) Running time: 124 mins/142 mins approx. Release Date: May 20th    In 2011, Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena director Kunihiko Ikuhara unleashed a 24-part anime series of his own creation on an unsuspecting world that beguiled and baffled in equal measures. That … Continue reading Anime Review – RE:cycle Of The PENGUINDRUM

Movie Review – Post Truth

Post Truth (Bao ni ping an) China (2022) Dir. Da Peng No matter how much the internet and social media has done in connecting people across the globe and helping with real time sharing of news and information, it is equally guilty in sharing misinformation which is easily believed. What happened to the good old … Continue reading Movie Review – Post Truth