Wolf Warrior (Zhan lang)

Wolf Warrior (Zhan lang) China (2015) Dir. Wu Jing The sequel to this action flick may be the biggest grossing film in Chinese cinema history (until the next one comes along in a few months as they always do) and has caught the attention of the international market, but shouldn’t the film that spawned it … Continue reading Wolf Warrior (Zhan lang)


The Treacherous (Gansin)

The Treacherous (Gansin) Korea (2015) Dir. Min Kyu-dong We may moan about the deluded megalomaniacs in positions of power that are blighting our daily lives with their despotic solipsism, class war baiting and Twitter based idiocy but if history has taught us anything, we should be lucky modern rulers aren’t nearly as dangerous as the … Continue reading The Treacherous (Gansin)

Scribe (La mécanique de l’ombre)

Scribe (La mécanique de l'ombre) France (2016) Dir. Thomas Kruithof There is an inherent problem with the command hierarchy in the workplace where those at the very top tend to operate on their own terms with those beneath limited to a “need to know” basis. Yet, when the brown stuff hits the fan it is … Continue reading Scribe (La mécanique de l’ombre)

Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)

Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel) Hungary (2016) Dir. Attila Till While Hollywood is trying to redeem itself following outcries of its lack of diversity in representing gender, race and sexual minorities in its films, the rest of the world is not only already way ahead of them but is also giving screen time to another … Continue reading Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)

A Woman’s Life

A Woman’s Life (Cert 12) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 119 minutes approx. Release Date – February 12th Director Stéphane Brizé, confounds expectations by following his multi-award winning social drama The Measure Of A Man with an uncharacteristic spartan period drama. A Woman’s Life, an adaptation of the 19th century novel Une … Continue reading A Woman’s Life

Dragonball Z Movie Collection Five: The Broly Trilogy

Dragonball Z Movie Collection Five: The Broly Trilogy (Cert PG) 2 Discs DVD/Blu-ray Combo (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 72 minutes approx. / 52 minutes approx. / 47 minutes approx. Release Date: February 12th  DBZ fans are in for a treat with this release as it offers three films for the price one instead the … Continue reading Dragonball Z Movie Collection Five: The Broly Trilogy

Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (Poslednyaya skazka Rity)

Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (Poslednyaya skazka Rity) Russia (2012) Dir. Renata Litvinova If asked to describe the physical manifestation of Death aka The Grim Reaper, the scythe wielding, cloaked skeletal figure would likely be the default suggestion from most people; cinephiles might instead reference the similarly hooded character with the pallid complexion and a taste … Continue reading Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (Poslednyaya skazka Rity)