Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians US (2018) Dir. Jon M. Chu Yes, I know I am late to the party on this one. I I’m only watching it now because I rented it for my mum and got curious. As one of the biggest surprise hits of last year, Crazy Rich Asians comes with a lot of … Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians

Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda)

Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda) Mexico (2014) Dir. Andres Clariond You know what they say about people with money - they might be able to buy a big house and flashy cars but they can’t buy class. It’s nice to have a healthy bank balance but being a decent human being should always be … Continue reading Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda)

The School Of Life (L’école buissonnière)

The School Of Life (L'école buissonnière) France (2017) Dir. Nicolas Vanier What exactly is freedom? This might not seem like a primary concern in this charming French drama given the conventional main storyline and clarion call to preserve the wonders of nature, but The School Of Life does tacitly ponder such existentialist queries. As someone … Continue reading The School Of Life (L’école buissonnière)

The Magnificent Ambersons

The Magnificent Ambersons US (1942) Dir. Orson Welles Having wowed everyone (except the paying punters) with his debut film, a little flick you might have heard of called Citizen Kane, Orson Welles felt he could do better with this adaptation of the novel of the same name by Booth Tarkington. And he may well have … Continue reading The Magnificent Ambersons

The Eye Of Silence

The Eye Of Silence France /China (2016) Dir. Emmanuel Sapolsky A popular phrase that has arisen over the past decade or see is “can’t unsee”, usually referring to our having espied something we’d rather not, like our parents in flagrante or the latest Transformers film. For the protagonist of this theatrical debut from French TV … Continue reading The Eye Of Silence

Target (Mishen)

Target (Mishen) Russia (2011) Dir. Aleksandr Zeldovich What is happiness? Can it be bought? Is what makes us happy ever truly right for us? Does absolute purity really exist? What does good or evil really mean? And will we be happy if we can live forever? A dystopian Russia is the last place to find … Continue reading Target (Mishen)

The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?)

The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?) Brazil (2015) Dir. Anna Muylaert Ah, the class system. Where would we be without it? Downtrodden people would have nothing to get angry about while the privileged would have no-one to look down upon. As divisive as this may be, one really depends on the other, so this … Continue reading The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?)

Veteran (Beterang)

Veteran (Beterang) Korea (2015) Dir. Ryoo Seung-Wan Who would want to be on the police force in Korea? Not only do you often end up beaten within an inch of your life on a regular basis but also your superiors try to thwart your every move while well-connected criminals are able to bribe and manipulate … Continue reading Veteran (Beterang)

All You Need Is Love (Luo pao ba ai qing)

All You Need Is Love (Luo pao ba ai qing) Taiwan/Hong Kong (2015) Dirs. Richie Jen & Andy Luo Sorry Beatles fans, this has nothing to do with their flower power anthem from 1967. Instead, this is the directorial debut from Taiwanese heartthrob Richie Jen, who also co-wrote the script, provided some of the music … Continue reading All You Need Is Love (Luo pao ba ai qing)

The Mermaid (Mei ren yu)

The Mermaid (Mei ren yu) China (2016) Dir. Stephen Chow They certainly like their CGI heavy cinema in China. In 2015, the highest grossing film of all time at the Chinese box office was the fantasy adventure Monster Hunt - that is until Stephen Chow returned to the fold with this socially conscious fairy tale, … Continue reading The Mermaid (Mei ren yu)