Three Ages

Three Ages US (1923) Dir. Buster Keaton & Edward Cline Buster Keaton’s second feature length film was the first where he assumed full control of the production so a lot was riding on it. While it hasn’t been as fondly remembered as his other works, Keaton’s satire on D.W Griffith’s era-hopping epic Intolerance was successful … Continue reading Three Ages

The Lost World

The Lost World US (1925) Dir. Harry Hoyt For many years The Lost World was a lost film, like so many from the silent period. By the time talkies became de rigueur in 1929 prints of the film were destroyed to make room for a sound remake (which became King Kong in 1933). While various … Continue reading The Lost World

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel US (1932) Dir. Edmund Goulding Of all the famous films I have only recently seen for the first time Grand Hotel serves as a double inaugural experience being the first time I’ve ever viewed the legendary Greta Garbo in action! But Garbo was not alone in this Oscar winning film, as producer Irving … Continue reading Grand Hotel

Beggars Of Life

Beggars Of Life US (1928) Dir. William A. Wellman A hobo named Jim (Richard Arlen) wanders up to a small farmhouse looking for something to eat. Instead he finds a man who has been shot in the head. The culprit was the man’s adopted daughter Nancy (Louise brooks) whom he had been abusing and his … Continue reading Beggars Of Life