The Whistlers (La Gomera)

The Whistlers (La Gomera) Romania (2019) Dir. Corneliu Porumboiu Remember when Lauren Bacall told Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not that to whistle, “You just put your lips together and blow”? Well, it would appear that it isn’t so simple, according to some countries where techniques differ quite substantially and the whistle has … Continue reading The Whistlers (La Gomera)

Sunset (Napszállta)

Sunset (Napszállta) Hungary (2018) Dir. László Nemes It is important to know where we come from as people and as such, we are fully entitled to want to embrace our heritage. Modern genealogy research is likely to reveal hidden secrets about one’s family but this is historical and it’s too late to do anything about … Continue reading Sunset (Napszállta)

Graduation (Bacalaureat)

Graduation (Bacalaureat)   Romania (2016) Dir. Cristian Mungiu Parents will do anything for their children. That is a given. But how much is too much? And who ultimately suffers if it gets out of hand - themselves or their children? Romania’s top social chronicler Cristian Mungiu returns with another sharply observed essay, wrapped around a slow … Continue reading Graduation (Bacalaureat)

Child’s Pose (Pozitia copilului)

Child's Pose (Pozitia copilului) Romania (2013) Dir. Calin Peter Netzer Bucharest socialite Cornelia Keneres (Luminita Gheorghiu) is a well connected architect as well being a domineering mother. One night, through her equally affluent socialite sister Olga Cerchez (Natasa Raab), Cornelia learns that her estranged son Barbu (Bogdan Dumitrache) was involved in a car accident that … Continue reading Child’s Pose (Pozitia copilului)