Heaven’s Lost Property Season 1

Heaven’s Lost Property Season 1 (Cert 15) 2 Discs DVD / Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 323 minutes approx. Release Date: June 25th Are you ready for a delightfully heart-warming romantic comedy about a boy whose ideal woman literally falls out of the sky and has the power to make any wish come true en … Continue reading Heaven’s Lost Property Season 1


Love On Delivery (Poh wai ji wong)

Love On Delivery (Poh wai ji wong) Hong Kong (1994) Dirs. Stephen Chow & Lee Lik-Chi Stephen Chow has been the most prominent name in off-the-wall comedy from Hong Kong for two decades yet very few of his films have made it to the UK. Luckily for us, Amazon Prime have got their hands on … Continue reading Love On Delivery (Poh wai ji wong)

Clash (Eshtebak)

Clash (Eshtebak) Egypt (2016) Dir. Mohamed Diab It is universally recognised that religion and politics are two of the most divisive and incendiary topics of discussion people should avoid. Luckily, some of us live in a country where the two rarely cross paths; not everyone is so fortunate and their daily lives are dictated by … Continue reading Clash (Eshtebak)

The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes)

The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes) France (2015) Dir. Elie Wajeman “Love made me become an anarchist” As good a reason as any I suppose, but it turns out love was the downfall for the titular anarchists in this second feature from up-and-coming French director Elie Wajeman - that and a pedestrian script for what could have … Continue reading The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes)

One Piece Collection 17

One Piece Collection 17 (Episodes 397-421) (Cert 12) 4 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 588 minutes approx Release Date: June 25th       It’s been a while since we last set sail aboard the Thousand Sunny with the Straw Hats - fifteen long arduous months of waiting in fact! I say arduous as the last … Continue reading One Piece Collection 17

The Final Master (Shi Fu)

The Final Master (Shi Fu) China (2015) Dir. Xu Haofeng Classic martial arts films involve a simple storyline around which a vengeful hero kicks lots of butt, with only a passing insight to the philosophy of combat. Xu Haofeng - like Bruce Lee - is a martial artist, scholar, film critic, and author, keen to … Continue reading The Final Master (Shi Fu)

Hounds Of Love

Hounds Of Love Australia (2016) Dir. Ben Young Never talk to strangers. And certainly never accept a lift from one. These are the basic rules our parents instil in us from a very early age so why do kids always ignore them? For his feature film debut, Aussie director Ben Young presents a hard hitting … Continue reading Hounds Of Love