Wolfy (Volchok)

Wolfy (Volchok) Russia (2009) Dir. Vasili Sigarev A young pregnant woman (Yana Troyanova) gives birth at the very moment she is arrested for murder. Seven years later she returns from prison where her daughter (Polina Pluchek) now lives with her grandmother. Despite having no clear intentions of playing the dutiful, loving mother, she gives her … Continue reading Wolfy (Volchok)

Living (Zhit)

  Living (Zhit) Russia (2012) Dir. Vasili Sigarev In three separate tales sharing a common theme, a young boy Artyom (Alexei Pustovoitov) enjoys staring out of the window at the world outside, much to the frustration of his abusive mother (Anna Ukolova) and her latest boyfriend Igor. Meanwhile HIV-positive Anton (Alexei Filimonov) marries his girlfriend … Continue reading Living (Zhit)