MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2017 (UK)

2017 was a funny year here in Old Blighty on a social and political front with our futures trapped in a state of uncertainty thanks to the complete dog’s breakfast that is Brexit. But one thing we know that IS certain for anime fans is that there will never be a shortage of new titles … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2017 (UK)

Ushio & Tora Complete Collection

Ushio & Tora Complete Collection (Cert 15) 5 Discs Blu-ray/8 Discs DVD (Distributor: Animatsu Entertainment) Running time: 975 minutes approx. The recently released film The Boy And The Beast tells of the unlikely bond between a young human lad and a monstrous being, but this premise isn’t entirely original. We have to go way back … Continue reading Ushio & Tora Complete Collection