My Sweet Little Village (Vesnicko má stredisková)

My Sweet Little Village (Vesnicko má stredisková) Czechoslovakia (1985) Dir. Jirí Menzel It’s fair to say that the humour of central European countries is rather esoteric and very much an acquired taste to the point of being mostly arcane for the rest of us. Topping that list must be Czechoslovakia aka Czech Republic, noted for … Continue reading My Sweet Little Village (Vesnicko má stredisková)


The Guardians (Les gardiennes)

The Guardians (Les gardiennes) France (2017) Dir. Xavier Beauvois Stories from World War I continue to appear, adding new perspectives to improve our understanding of what life was like during this period, even when fictionalised. One area seldom explored is the women left to run the home whilst the men were fighting in the trenches, … Continue reading The Guardians (Les gardiennes)

Tremble All You Want (Katte ni furuetero)

Tremble All You Want (Katte ni furuetero) Japan (2017) Dir. Akiko Ohku It is said that you never forget your first love (I wouldn’t know but that is what is said) but there is a difference between not forgetting them and clinging on to the futile hope that they will one day reciprocate and make … Continue reading Tremble All You Want (Katte ni furuetero)

Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh)

Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh) Hong Kong (1982) Dir. Jackie Chan At the time of writing this review (April 7th) it is Jackie Chan’s birthday so I figured I’d watch one of his films to mark the occasion. With only a few options open to me among my DVD collection of his films I haven’t … Continue reading Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh)

The Seven Swords

The Seven Swords China (2019) Dir. Francis Nam Chi-Wai This is something of anomaly for me as I can’t find any sufficient information about this wu xia fantasy film at all online. Aside from the poster, a trailer, and ironically, the film itself, The Seven Swords is shrouded in mystery - it doesn’t even have … Continue reading The Seven Swords

Rainbow Song (Niji no megami)

Rainbow Song (Niji no megami) Japan (2006) Dir. Naoto Kumazawa Being autistic means I don’t understand this thing called “Love”. I genuinely don’t know if it actually exists but others do, especially in the arts. Many romantic dramas chart the ups and downs of being in love and Rainbow Song is no different, but it … Continue reading Rainbow Song (Niji no megami)

White Valentine (Hwaiteu ballenta-in)

White Valentine (Hwaiteu ballenta-in) Korea (1999) Dir. Yang Yun-Ho It’s funny how life works - you spend all your time looking far and wide for something and it is right there under your nose. When this applies to love you have the makings of a story that would be a perfect fit for a romantic … Continue reading White Valentine (Hwaiteu ballenta-in)