1918: The Battle Of Kruty (Крути 1918)

1918: The Battle Of Kruty (Крути 1918) Ukraine (2019) Dir. Aleksey Shaparev Many individual battles are fought during a global conflict that isn’t always well known outside of that country’s history, with the rarest of exceptions. This is where cinema steps up to allow the rest of us to learn about the struggles we weren’t … Continue reading 1918: The Battle Of Kruty (Крути 1918)


Donbass Ukraine (2018) Dir. Sergei Loznitsa Humour, as I have observed before, can be subjective, and doesn’t always travel well between countries and cultures. Satire is one of the harder divisions of humour to cross borders, demonstrated by this offering from Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa which is so short on laughs it’s more a vicious … Continue reading Donbass

The Alien Girl (Chuzhaya)

The Alien Girl (Chuzhaya)  Russia (2010) Dir. Anton Bormatov It is probably fair to say that when expecting countries to produce films based on graphic novels, Russia isn’t one that automatically springs to mind. So allow this debut offering from Anton Bormatov., based on the work of Vladimir “Adolfych” Nesterenko, a former crime gang member … Continue reading The Alien Girl (Chuzhaya)

MIB’s Top Ten Films of 2015

Whilst I have seen in excess of 280 films in 2015 (all reviewed on this site) the number of those actually released this year either in the UK or abroad is demonstrably small in terms of accessibility and in some cases my interest in new output. Usually this is where I bemoan the dearth of … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Films of 2015

The Tribe (Plemya)

The Tribe (Plemya) Ukraine (2014) Dir. Miroslav Slaboshpitsky A familiar story can be told in many ways but sometimes it can take just that one particular little twist to make the experience feel unique and completely original. This is the case with Miroslav Slaboshpitsky’s feature length debut, a brave film that barely accommodates the audience … Continue reading The Tribe (Plemya)

Battle For Sevastopol (Bitva za Sevastopol)

Battle For Sevastopol (Bitva za Sevastopol) Russia/Ukraine (2015) Dir. Sergey Mokritskiy It’s seems almost unthinkable that Russia and the Ukraine could co-operate on anything in light of recent situations, which makes this biopic of the famed World War II Russian sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko something of a miracle. Ironically, give the theme of war, the film … Continue reading Battle For Sevastopol (Bitva za Sevastopol)