Movie Review – A Shot In The Dark

A Shot In The Dark UK (1964) Dir. Blake Edwards When a murder has been committed and you are the police responding to the call, you send your best man to investigate the case right? It stands to reason. What you don’t do is send the one person most liable to make a complete hash … Continue reading Movie Review – A Shot In The Dark

Movie Review – Belfast

Belfast UK (2021) Dir. Kenneth Branagh I’m one of the few people who hasn’t moved about much in my life with just three home addresses to my name and this year being the 40th anniversary of moving to the current one. For those who do up sticks to abroad, some never seem to forget where … Continue reading Movie Review – Belfast

Movie Review – How I Won The War

How I Won The War UK (1967) Dir. Richard Lester Surely that should be how “we” won the war? Doesn’t the old aphorism aver “there is no “I” in team”? Actually that is the problem - the people who do the least are the ones who celebrate the most when a victory is achieved and … Continue reading Movie Review – How I Won The War

Movie Review – Days Of The Bagnold Summer

Days Of The Bagnold Summer UK (2019) Dir. Simon Bird Parents vs. teenagers is an age old war (at least since Rock & Roll created the teenager in the ‘50s) that will continue to be waged as long as parents give birth to teenagers. This is where the divide in the bond between parent and … Continue reading Movie Review – Days Of The Bagnold Summer

Movie Review – Be My Guest

Be My Guest UK (1965) Dir. Lance Comfort Fame is fleeting for some entertainers, regardless of talent or drive, and when the fabled fifteen minutes are up, it is time to move on to something else to put food on the table and pay the rent. Even then, the lure of the spotlight can still … Continue reading Movie Review – Be My Guest

Movie Review – School For Scoundrels

School For Scoundrels UK (1960) Dir. Robert Hamer Nice guys always come last - I should know (or at least I hope people think I’m a nice guy, but I digress), having spent my life watching total arseholes get everything while I sit in my dark corner alone. The real question is whether such shameful … Continue reading Movie Review – School For Scoundrels

Movie Review – The Toll

The Toll Wales (2021) Dir. Ryan Andrew Hooper “Leave the past in the past,” they say - if only we could. No matter how much we wish that dark, troubling moment or ill-advised misdeed would stay in that vault at the back of our memories never to resurface, there will come a day when it … Continue reading Movie Review – The Toll

Movie Review – Misbehaviour (UK)

Misbehaviour UK (2020) Dir. Philippa Lowthorpe I’m a little surprised this film wasn’t entitled MISSbehaviour seeing as it tells the story of the infamous disruption of the 1970 Miss World contest by the Women’s Liberation Front. Maybe they didn’t want it to be confused with the Hong Kong film of the same name; then again, … Continue reading Movie Review – Misbehaviour (UK)

Movie Review – Apostasy

Apostasy UK (2017) Dir. Daniel Kokotajlo I probably shouldn’t watch films with religious themes as they not only tend to make me angry as an Atheist but they are also hard to review objectively as a result. By the same token, they are annoying educational, offering an insight into a lifestyle alien to many of … Continue reading Movie Review – Apostasy

Blu-ray Review – Last Night In Soho

Last Night In Soho (Cert 18) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Universal) Running Time: 117 minutes approx. I would venture there are many of us today who would love to go back in time to the sixties, when the music was rocking, the fashions colourful, and the vibe cool! Thank goodness film exists where this can … Continue reading Blu-ray Review – Last Night In Soho