Blinded By The Light

Blinded By The Light UK (2019) Dir. Gurinder Chadha It is said music can cross boundaries and cultures unlike any other form of art, which is debatable as the same can be said for film, paintings, or literature. Yet, there is a reason why musicians can travel the world, be instantly recognised, and hold court … Continue reading Blinded By The Light

Every Day’s A Holiday

Every Day's A Holiday UK (1964) Dir. James Hill The rock’n’roll movie was probably an inevitability after Bill Haley and Elvis took off and Hollywood decided to capitalise on their fame. It wasn’t long before British rockers got the same treatment with Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard. But by the 60s, it seems anyone with … Continue reading Every Day’s A Holiday


Bait UK (2019) Dir. Mark Jenkin New versus old, progress versus tradition - a battle for the ages that will rage on as we continue to evolve as people and a society. The big difference here however is that quite often there is no real right or wrong as both have their merits; it’s finding … Continue reading Bait


Beast UK (2017) Dir. Michael Pearce Persistently treat people like outsiders they will eventually retaliate, but does action one begat the other? Imagine a member of your family is pushed out of the frame - by you - and they end up in a dangerous situation? Perhaps you should have had that talk with them … Continue reading Beast

The Ipcress File

The Ipcress File UK (1965) Dir. Sidney J. Furie “There’s a dead American agent in my flat” Under any other circumstances this would be an unusual thing to say but in the context of this classic British spy thriller it is par for the course, though the scene is made even more brilliant by the … Continue reading The Ipcress File

In Fabric

In Fabric UK (2018) Dir. Peter Strickland Many women spend their lives looking for that perfect dress, preferably within their budget, which will make them look great and knock ’em dead - that is referring to the people who see them in this spectacular gown. This would require a “killer” dress to be found, though … Continue reading In Fabric

Wild Rose

Wild Rose UK (2018) Dir. Tom Harper There is nothing wrong with having dreams. For most of us, they are what drive us to better ourselves, fulfil our potential in our chosen endeavours, or simply bring a bit of cheer to our lives. Some may achieve these goals some may not; the worst thing is … Continue reading Wild Rose