Movie Review – Naked

Naked UK (1993) Dir. Mike Leigh “I’m interested in life” So says the man who spends two hours plus of our time pondering how it is all going to end, and seemingly going out of his way to annoy everyone he meets and getting beaten up for his troubles. Johnny (David Thewlis) is drifter from … Continue reading Movie Review – Naked

Movie Review – Yesterday

Yesterday UK (2019) Dir. Danny Boyle Whether you like them or you don’t, it is hard - nay impossible - to imagine a world in which The Beatles didn’t exist. Their impact on popular culture, not just in Britain but across the globe, is unprecedented and still has a huge impact to this day. So, … Continue reading Movie Review – Yesterday

Movie Review – The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen UK (2019) Dir. Guy Ritchie Criminals know they are not nice people though I doubt they really care as they long as they have money, power, and loyal scumbags willing to get their hands dirty on their behalf. So, how is it then that even though they know criminals are also awful people … Continue reading Movie Review – The Gentlemen

Movie Review – A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda UK (1988) Dir. Charles Crichton Like most people my age, I saw this film when it came out but only saw the “classic” scenes in the ensuing years, so this was a rewatch of the full film after 33 years. It’s nice to see those clips in context again as well … Continue reading Movie Review – A Fish Called Wanda

Movie Review – Possessor

Possessor UK/Canada (2020) Dir. Brandon Cronenberg Body swap films are usually comedies playing up to the dichotomy of opposing genders, differing age groups, or clashing personalities. Put in the hands of a horror filmmaker and you know this concept is going be applied to something darker and psychologically challenging. Club hostess Holly (Gabrielle Graham) welcomes … Continue reading Movie Review – Possessor

Movie Review – Saint Maud

Saint Maud UK (2020) Dr. Rose Glass If someone can be possessed by Satan, conversely it has to be possible to be possessed by God too, right? If dark forces can compel a person to commit certain acts then the fanatically pious can cause harm by doing the Lord’s work and be just as dangerous, … Continue reading Movie Review – Saint Maud

Movie Review – Catch Me Daddy

Catch Me Daddy UK (2014) Dir. Daniel Wolfe “This is going end bad. It is going to end real bad.” Honour killings are something those of us living under western culture and religion will never understand, but under Islamic law it is perfectly acceptable to kill a member of your own family - usually female … Continue reading Movie Review – Catch Me Daddy

The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers UK (1955) Dir. Alexander Mackendrick Is there such a thing as a criminal mastermind? They can devise complex, ingenious, and audacious plans to commit a robbery that in theory are foolproof. The only thing they never envision is being caught - or that their downfall would come from an unlikely source. Mrs. Wilberforce … Continue reading The Ladykillers


Pili UK/Tanzania (2017) Dir. Leanne Welham The term “First world problems” is thrown about a lot as an ironic admission of our inherent comfort compared others living under less fortunate circumstances. Yet, how much do we know the struggles in third world countries, where even the smallest things we take for granted are out of … Continue reading Pili

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty UK (2019) Dir. Craig Roberts    “There is no such thing as happiness, just moments of not being depressed!” Mental health is a serious condition that cannot be pigeon holed to one set of symptoms or its effect on people. As someone on the Autism spectrum, I know whereof I speak as some … Continue reading Eternal Beauty