Movie Review – Okay Madam

Okay Madam Korea (2020) Dir. Lee Chul-Ha Never mind snakes on a plane, what about a group of armed North Korean terrorists looking for a defector? Which ones would you want to take your chances with? Never mind, there might be somebody on the flight who can deal with them without you having to lift … Continue reading Movie Review – Okay Madam

In My End Is My Beginning (Kkotgwa sijak)

In My End Is My Beginning (Kkotgwa sijak) Korea (2013) Dir. Min Kyu-dong Question: When is new film not a new film? Answer: When it is an extended version of a short film which has already been sitting on the shelf for four years. That is the basic deal behind this pseudo-erotic melodrama from Korean … Continue reading In My End Is My Beginning (Kkotgwa sijak)

Montage (Mong-ta-joo)

Montage (Mong-ta-joo) Korea (2013) Dir. Jeong Geun-Seop 15 years ago Suh-jin (Kim Sung-Kyung), the daughter of Yoon Ha-kyung (Uhm Jung-hwa), was kidnapped and found dead at the ransom exchange spot while the kidnapper disappeared. With five days to go before the statute of limitations on the official police case expires an anonymous person leaves a … Continue reading Montage (Mong-ta-joo)