Movie Review – Britt-Marie Was Here (Britt-Marie var här)

Britt-Marie Was Here (Britt-Marie var här) Sweden (2019) Dir. Tuva Novotny You think you may be living a full life even if it is one governed by routine and duty, and all is well. Then, you get a huge wake-up call and everything you have done during your adult existence has effectively been for nothing. … Continue reading Movie Review – Britt-Marie Was Here (Britt-Marie var här)

A War (Krigen)

A War (Krigen) Denmark (2015) Dir. Tobias Lindholm The title of this latest offering from the prolific Tobias Lindholm, the man who wrote The Hunt and directed the ultra tense A Hijacking, is a little nebulous in that there is more than one battleground hosting a conflict. Switching between Afghanistan and Denmark, we begin in … Continue reading A War (Krigen)


  ID:A Denmark (2011) Dir. Christian E. Christiansen A woman (Tuva Novotny) wakes up on a riverbank in France, injured and without any memory of who she is how she got there. She checks into a nearby motel where she discovers her duffel bag contains two million euro, a gun and a pencil drawing of … Continue reading ID:A