Times And Winds (Bes Vakit)

Times And Winds (Bes Vakit) Turkey (2006) Dir. Reha Erdem Sigmund Freud first introduced the theory of the Oedipus Complex in 1899, coining the actual phrase eleven years later. Based on a character from Greek Mythology who killed his father and married his mother, it’s hard to imagine it would exist in the “real world” … Continue reading Times And Winds (Bes Vakit)

The Wild Pear Tree (Ahlat Agaci)

The Wild Pear Tree (Ahlat Agaci) Turkey (2018) Dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan It’s funny how young people always think they know it all, especially the precocious ones who read a few highbrow books and suddenly believe their take on the world is the only “right” one and everyone else is an ignoramus living in the … Continue reading The Wild Pear Tree (Ahlat Agaci)

Grain (Bugday)

Grain (Bugday) Turkey (2017) Dir. Semih Kaplanoglu Manmade ecological disasters is a fertile subject for filmmakers but being too heavy handed or didactic with the message is a perilous concern. Running that risk is Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu, who uses as part of his inspiration a passage from the Quran in his plea for us … Continue reading Grain (Bugday)

The Cut

The Cut Germany (2014) Dir. Faith Akin I apologise in advance for the lack of objectivity and detail in this review but as regular readers will know, I am hard of hearing thus rely on subtitles. This film is a European production with a global cast but most of the dialogue is in English and … Continue reading The Cut

Forgotten Soldiers – aka The Mountain (Dag)

Forgotten Soldiers - aka The Mountain (Dag) Turkey (2012) Dir. Alper Caglar Whether it is in direct result of, or in reaction to the international success of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkish cinema is doing a fine job in spreading its wings beyond the oeuvre of the celebrated auteur in overseas markets. This includes moving away … Continue reading Forgotten Soldiers – aka The Mountain (Dag)


Baskin Turkey (2015) Dir. Can Evrenol “Arthouse horror” is the latest trend in cinema to come from South America and parts of Europe, with Mexican effort We Are The Flesh the first one experienced by yours truly - “experienced” being the operative word as these surreal descents into unimaginable psychedelic and psychotic worlds can’t really … Continue reading Baskin


Mustang Turkey (2015) Dir. Deniz Gamze Ergüven In other reviews of this French/Turkish co-production you’ll see comparisons made to Sofia Coppola’s 1999 directorial debut The Virgin Suicides, a film I believe I have seen but remember very little, if anything, about. Therefore you will be spared such cross examination in this review and all commentary … Continue reading Mustang

The Miracle (Mucize)

The Miracle (Mucize) Turkey (2015) Dir. Mahsun Kirmizigül Over the past decade the only name in Turkish cinema to make a substantial breakthrough onto the international stage has been Nuri Bilge Ceylan, yet it is clear that there are plenty of filmmakers and films equally worthy of global attention. The Miracle from Turkish multi-hyphenate Mahsun … Continue reading The Miracle (Mucize)

Winter Sleep (Kis uykusu)

Winter Sleep (Kis uykusu) Turkey (2014) Dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan A confession – I always approach films from Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan with a touch of apprehension. This is partly due to the lofty praise his films always receive making me feel like an ignoramus when I am less enthused (but still enjoy them). … Continue reading Winter Sleep (Kis uykusu)

Beyond The Hill (Tepenin ardi)

Beyond The Hill (Tepenin ardi) Turkey (2012) Dir. Emin Alper A remote idyllic canyon is home to old farmer Faik (Tamer Levent) and the land which has been in his family for generations. Along with his helper Mehmet (Mehmet Ozgur), Faik is fiercely protective of his land which is being put to the test with … Continue reading Beyond The Hill (Tepenin ardi)