Fateless (Sorstalanság)

Fateless (Sorstalanság) Hungary (2005) Dir. Lajos Koltai Films about the Holocaust aren’t meant to be enjoyed in the same way as action thrillers or comedies yet can be enriching through their educational value. Setting Fateless apart from other films on this topic is being based on the semi-autobiographical Nobel prize winning novel by Holocaust survivor … Continue reading Fateless (Sorstalanság)

The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter US (1978) Dir. Michael Cimino The classic film being struck off the “Overdue First Time” watch list is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. One of two epic films about Vietnam released at the end of the 1970’s - Coppola’s bombastic Apocalypse Now being the other - The Deer Hunter won Best … Continue reading The Deer Hunter

Pulse (Kairo)

Pulse (Kairo) Japan (2001) Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa We can blame the internet for many things but bringing about the end of the world? Actually, the way things are going at the moment, with hostility on social media and corruptive information available at a click, that might not be such a daft notion. Back in 2001 … Continue reading Pulse (Kairo)

Born And Bred (Nacido y criado)

Born And Bred (Nacido y criado) Argentina (2006) Dir. Pablo Trapero And so once again I find myself in that horrible position of watching a film that has received high praise and yet can’t get into it on the same level. It’s a little disappointing as I’ve seen many of director Pablo Trapero’s subsequent films … Continue reading Born And Bred (Nacido y criado)


Martyrs France/Canada (2008) Dir. Pascal Laugier Apparently writer-director Pascal Laugier wrote the story for this notorious and divisive shocker when in a depressive and suicidal state. I’ve written a load of stuff in a similar state too but I kept it to myself. I’m sure plenty of people wished Laugier had kept this to himself. … Continue reading Martyrs

Deep Trap (aka Exchange) (Ham-jeong)

Deep Trap (aka Exchange) (Ham-jeong) Korea (2015) Dir. Kwon Hyung-Jin Fans of Korean genre films generally know what they are letting themselves in for, so, no matter how shocking the content is, we are in fact in familiar territory. Deep Trap is one of those films but in this instance, it is made all the … Continue reading Deep Trap (aka Exchange) (Ham-jeong)

The Lost Choices (Eotteon salin)

The Lost Choices (Eotteon salin) Korea (2015) Dir. Ahn Yong-Hoon Rape is never an easy subject to tackle in film, either dispassionately or without becoming exploitative. It is hard for men to appreciate the women’s suffering while woman are unlikely - and justifiably - to be able to contain their rage. Another issue, objectively depicting … Continue reading The Lost Choices (Eotteon salin)