Shikoku Japan (1999) Dir. Shunichi Nagasaki The problem with success is that whilst it brings recognition and fortune it can also result in unintentional notoriety. For example, the 1998 Japanese horror Ringu kick-started the J-Horror boom, but within this boom came the many imitators, lifting wholesale from Ringu’s quiet atmospheric style and vengeful long haired … Continue reading Shikoku

100 Yen Love (Hyakuen no koi)

100 Yen Love (Hyakuen no koi) Japan (2014) Dir. Masaharu Take Korean-Japanese director Masaharu Take explores an esoteric avenue to personal achievement in this quirky comedy drama that hopes to provide inspiration to the least of us. Jobless and unskilled 32 year-old Ichiko (Sakura Ando) lives at home with her family above their small bento … Continue reading 100 Yen Love (Hyakuen no koi)