Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers (Cert 12) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 92 minutes approx. Satoshi Kon is recognised for his reality bending psychological thrillers like Perfect Blue and Paprika, yet the palpable empathy for his characters hints at Kon’s sensitive side. Perhaps fittingly, Kon’s most affecting work is a tale that eschews his usual … Continue reading Tokyo Godfathers

Gappa, The Triphibian Monster (Daikyojû Gappa)

Gappa, The Triphibian Monster (Daikyojû Gappa) Japan (1967) Dir. Haruyasu Noguchi The kaiju (giant monster) movie has been the associated property of studio Toho in Japan ever since Godzilla roared onto the big screen in 1954, kick-starting a legendary franchise and spawning many running mates and imitators on native shores and beyond. Interestingly rival studio … Continue reading Gappa, The Triphibian Monster (Daikyojû Gappa)

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla (Cert 12) 2 Discs DVD/ 2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running Time: 120 minutes approx. In 1998 Hollywood decided to resurrect Japan’s iconic movie monster Godzilla with disastrous results. The ever-polite Japanese creators publicly gave it their blessing but, like everyone else, hated it, responding with their own reboot a year later. … Continue reading Shin Godzilla

Your Name

Your Name  (Cert 12) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray/3 Discs Deluxe Edition (Distributor: All The Anime) Running time: 107 minutes approx. Something quite remarkable has happened to anime films over the past year, that being them starting appear more regularly in mainstream cinemas across the UK (not my local sadly). The reason for this? The astounding global … Continue reading Your Name

Coppelion – Complete Series Collection

Coppelion - Complete Series Collection (Cert 12) 3 Discs (Distributor: Kaze UK) Running time: 297 minutes approx. The Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster of 2011 was a terrifying moment in recent Japanese history, the effects of which are still being felt to this day. In 2008 a manga by Tomonori Inoue called Coppelion appeared which … Continue reading Coppelion – Complete Series Collection

Tokyo Family (Tokyo kazuko)

Tokyo Family (Tokyo kazuko) Japan (2013) Dir. Yoji Yamada Retired elderly couple Shukichi (Isao Hashizume) and Tomiko Hirayama (Kazuko Yoshiyuki) visit their three children living in Tokyo – doctor Koichi (Masahiko Nishimura), hairdresser Tomoko (Shigeko Kanai) and stage set craftsman Shoji (Tsumabuki Satoshi) – staying with each of the families in turn. However they are … Continue reading Tokyo Family (Tokyo kazuko)