Bleach Japan (2018) Dir. Shinsuke Sato  I apologise for the ensuing fan boy ramblings you are about to read, but Bleach is one of my favourite ever anime series, making it very difficult to appraise this live action adaptation without regular comparisons to the expected differences and liberties taken during the transition between the two … Continue reading Bleach

Bleach Series 16 Part 2

Bleach Series 16 Part 2 (Episodes 355-366) (Cert 12) 3 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment/Kaze UK) Running time: 279 minutes approx. “And now, the end is near” It’s not just near but it is actually here. After eight years and three hundred and sixty six episodes the Bleach anime reaches its final release here in the … Continue reading Bleach Series 16 Part 2