Movie Review – Art Of The Devil 2

Art Of The Devil 2 (Long khong) Thailand (2005) Dirs. Ronin Team Messing around with the black arts to get what you want in life is one of those things they should teach you in school in home economic classes, alongside the usual stuff about cooking, filing in forms, and what have you. At least … Continue reading Movie Review – Art Of The Devil 2

Movie Review – Love Rain

Love Rain Thailand (2018) Dir. Pirun Anusuriya We all need a push in life and it can come from either somebody we know or an outside influence whose impartiality can make all of the difference. A little less likely is getting this encouragement from the other side - i.e. from a ghost who could do … Continue reading Movie Review – Love Rain

Movie Review – The Con-Heartist (Aii Con Lor Luang)

The Con-Heartist (Aii Con Lor Luang) Thailand (2020) Dir. Mez Tharatorn Never kid a kidder. My dad used to tell me that whenever I tried to pull a stunt on him in my younger days, unaware that he had done the same or similar during his childhood. It begs the question, can a con artist … Continue reading Movie Review – The Con-Heartist (Aii Con Lor Luang)

Bad Genius (Chalard games goeng)

Bad Genius (Chalard games goeng) Thailand (2017) Dir. Nattawut Poonpiriya Cheaters never prosper. Whether fiddling the books, taking drugs in sports, or coughing at the right answers on a TV quiz, the plan always falls apart in the end and the culprits are caught. Yet the quest to achieve goals with the least amount of … Continue reading Bad Genius (Chalard games goeng)

The Maid

The Maid Thailand (2020) Dir. Lee Thongkham The relationship between servant and master is an unpredictable one. In some cases, there is a separation that remains throughout where everyone knows their place, in others, tenure and quality of work will have some staff feel like part of the family. Then, there is that line that … Continue reading The Maid

The Promise (Puen Tee Raluek)

The Promise (Puen Tee Raluek) Thailand (2017) Dir. Sophon Sakdaphisit Breaking promises is a habit many people have, though not everyone does this with the same malicious or solipsistic intent as others. The fallout is always something that leaves an indelible mark on our consciences, especially if the aggrieved party holds a grudge… 1997 and … Continue reading The Promise (Puen Tee Raluek)

Happy Old Year

Happy Old Year Thailand (2019) Dir. Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit Out of sight, out of mind. If something is likely to dredge up ill-feelings or bad memories then the best solution is to get rid of it, and fill that space with positive vibes. But, letting go isn’t always so easy and maybe these things have significance … Continue reading Happy Old Year

15+ Coming Of Age (15+ IQ Krachoot)

15+ Coming Of Age (15+ IQ Krachoot) Thailand (2017) Dirs. Napat Jidwerapat & Artwanun Klinaiem “Life doesn’t begin at a certain age. It begins whenever you realise it.” A profound yet somewhat askew pearl of wisdom that has the misfortune of appearing in a film that sets the #MeToo movement back a couple of decades, … Continue reading 15+ Coming Of Age (15+ IQ Krachoot)

Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife Thailand (2018) Dir. Mate Yimsomboon Ah, to be a teenager in love. Meeting that special someone to make the days feel more special, growing up together, and taking those first bold steps towards adulthood as a loving couple. Nothing can ruin it - well, except for overbearing and oppressive parents and erm… death! … Continue reading Ghost Wife

Triple Threat

Triple Threat Thailand/China/US (2019) Dir. Jesse V. Johnson It sounds like an action cinema fans dream to see the worlds of esoteric Asian martial arts, Kung Fu and MMA come together in a violent bullet riddled, fist and feet flying blow out. British stuntman turned filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson has decided he is the man … Continue reading Triple Threat