Samurai Marathon (Samurai marason)

Samurai Marathon (Samurai marason) Japan (2019) Dir. Bernard Rose Just like we Brits have the London Marathon and the US have the New York Marathon, Japan has the Tokyo Marathon, but unlike ours, theirs has its own mythos for being an annual event. Yes, the Greeks started it all, but as we know, Japan always … Continue reading Samurai Marathon (Samurai marason)

Someone (Nanimono)

Someone (Nanimono) Japan (2016) Dir. Daisuke Miura For all their idiosyncrasies there is no denying the Japanese are an industrious lot; their indomitable work ethic is legendary. But it has also given rise to an unfortunate and avoidable modern phenomenon “death by overwork”. Quite why anyone would willingly slog their guts out for a spot … Continue reading Someone (Nanimono)