Sorcerer US (1977) Dir. William Friedkin There’s taking risks then there is taking risks. Some do it for the thrill others do it for the money or whatever rewards benefit them. Skill and tenacity will get you so far but when your life is endangered by these risks, is it going to be enough? Porvenir, … Continue reading Sorcerer


Greta US (2018) Dir. Neil Jordan Making friends is hard for some people, especially if they are getting on a bit and their family is no longer with them. They crave company and welcome any sort of human contact when it comes their way, which sometimes might be construed as them being a bit needy. … Continue reading Greta

The Big Clock

The Big Clock (Cert PG) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 96 minutes approx. Imagine being so good at your job that your employer entrusts only the biggest projects to you until you are unwittingly given one that is going to incriminate you in a crime you didn’t commit. Sound confusing? George Stroud … Continue reading The Big Clock

The Guilty (Den skyldige)

The Guilty (Den skyldige) Denmark (2018) Dir. Gustav Möller An aphorism that paraphrases Edgar Allan Poe asserts “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. Taking this as its premise, being on the end of a telephone can fuel an inquisitive mind but does this lead to right decisions being made? … Continue reading The Guilty (Den skyldige)

My Name Is Julia Ross

My Name Is Julia Ross (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 65 minutes approx. It’s become something of a cliché to find some way of making a Hitchcock comparison or reference when discussing any mystery or suspense thriller from the 1940’s but the fact remains, there are occasions when watching such … Continue reading My Name Is Julia Ross

Collector (Kollektor)

Collector (Kollektor) Russia (2016) Dir. Aleksey Krasovskiy When does the rationale “I’m only doing my job” lose its meaning and becomes a lame excuse for inexcusable behaviour? Not jobsworth traffic wardens and the like who refuse to bend the rules or turn a blind when common sense or emergencies call for it, rather overly ambitious … Continue reading Collector (Kollektor)


Lifeboat US (1944) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock In the early days of British television, it was said the cheapest and easiest play to make a drama from was a limited cast of people in a singular location, like being stuck in a lift. Trust Alfred Hitchcock to subvert this simple idea by making that singular setting … Continue reading Lifeboat

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place US (2018) Dir. John Krasinski  One of the ways actors trip up when making films, TV show or performing in stage plays is forgetting their lines, especially if the script is a lengthy and garrulous affair. You can probably imagine the joy the cast of this tense horror/sci-fi outing felt when they … Continue reading A Quiet Place

Sorry, Wrong Number

Sorry Wrong Number US (1948) Dir. Anatole Litvak Over the past few years, they have been scares in the media that excessive use of mobile phones could cause brain cancer. Some have baulked at this idea but as this classic 1948 film noir drama suggests, even an ancient rotary dial telephone could eventually lead to … Continue reading Sorry, Wrong Number


Cure Japan (1997) Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa Over the past 20 years, Asian cinema has proven a dab hand at psychological horror, while Hollywood was already making their own in the guise of serial killer flicks, with the likes of Silence Of The Lambs getting things off to a notorious start. A year before Ringu blew … Continue reading Cure