Look Out, Officer! (Si hing chong gwai)

Look Out, Officer! (Si hing chong gwai) Hong Kong (1990) Dir. Lau Sez-yue Ghosts are supposed to be scary, malevolent beings intent on frightening and tormenting us not helpful and agreeable. Casper The Friendly Ghost set a precedent in kids’ comics but in film they have be few and far between. Which brings us to … Continue reading Look Out, Officer! (Si hing chong gwai)

Dancing Mary

Dancing Mary Japan (2019) Dir. SABU Ghosts ruin everything. They ruin people’s lives by haunting them, keeping them away from buildings, being generally disruptive, and can bring misery to those who possess the uncanny ability to be able to see and make contact with them. But, that is he burden one has to bear in … Continue reading Dancing Mary

0.0 Mhz

0.0 Mhz Korea (2019) Dir. Yoo Sun-Dong Did you know that 0.0mhz is the exact radio frequency at which we can contact with the spirit world? A bit like Radio 3. Yet, if we have learned anything from horror cinema, it is never to go in search for the paranormal - unless you have a … Continue reading 0.0 Mhz

Hide And Go Kill (Hitori kakurenbo)

Hide And Go Kill (Hitori kakurenbo) Japan (2008) Dir. Tomoya Kainuma A decade after Ringu first appeared, Japanese filmmakers were still shamelessly using its basic concept as the basis for their own stories with varying results. This low budget, shot on video puntastic effort may upgrade the technology for a (then) modern setting bit that … Continue reading Hide And Go Kill (Hitori kakurenbo)

No. 69 House

No. 69 House China (2019) Dir. Lei Zi For some of us love will be nothing more than a fantasy, but what happens if the love you thought was real ends up being a fantasy for a different reason? Or worse still if you can no longer tell if you are currently living in the … Continue reading No. 69 House

Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife Thailand (2018) Dir. Mate Yimsomboon Ah, to be a teenager in love. Meeting that special someone to make the days feel more special, growing up together, and taking those first bold steps towards adulthood as a loving couple. Nothing can ruin it - well, except for overbearing and oppressive parents and erm… death! … Continue reading Ghost Wife

Asura Cryin’ Collection

Asura Cryin' Collection (Cert 15) 3 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 640 minutes approx.   Picture the scene - sci-fi light novelist Gakuto Mikumo has had a few bottles of sake with a fellow writer who opines out loud “I wonder how many genres can be packed into a single story?”, to which Mikumo replies … Continue reading Asura Cryin’ Collection

The Tag-Along (Hong yi xiao nu hai)

The Tag-Along (Hong yi xiao nu hai) Taiwan (2015) Dir. Cheng Wei-hao Asian horror cinema has created a niche of its own over the last two decades though Taiwan hasn’t embraced this genre as much as its neighbours have. Better late than never, they join the fray, and like many of its Asian contemporaries, the … Continue reading The Tag-Along (Hong yi xiao nu hai)


Shikoku Japan (1999) Dir. Shunichi Nagasaki The problem with success is that whilst it brings recognition and fortune it can also result in unintentional notoriety. For example, the 1998 Japanese horror Ringu kick-started the J-Horror boom, but within this boom came the many imitators, lifting wholesale from Ringu’s quiet atmospheric style and vengeful long haired … Continue reading Shikoku