Movie Review – Carmen & Lola

Carmen & Lola (Carmen y Lola) Spain (2018) Dir. Arantxa Echevarría “Is feeling love a sin?” Being a minority is always a struggle; some people have what might be considered the misfortune of being a minority within a minority. Maybe being in love will help ease the hardship, but even in that regard, here are … Continue reading Movie Review – Carmen & Lola

Movie Review – The Offering

The Offering (Cert 15) Digital/VOD (Distributor: Sovereign Film Distribution) Running Time: 112 minutes approx. Release Date – July 30th Should the past stay in the past or does that one loose end require tying up mean raking up old history to bring the closure one desires, regardless of how much pain and trouble it might … Continue reading Movie Review – The Offering

Movie Review – Xtremo

Xtremo Spain (2021) Dir. Daniel Benmayor Family - or “fam” as the kidz say these days - has long been a term of nebulous meaning in that blood or shared DNA is not always an essential requirement to be considered family, you just have to be close. As ever, this open to abuse or moments … Continue reading Movie Review – Xtremo

Eye For An Eye (Quien a hierro mata)

Eye For An Eye (Quien a hierro mata) Spain (2019) Dir. Paco Plaza Revenge may be sweet or a dish best served cold or whatever epigram you care to apply to it but it is also a very messy scenario to be caught up in, largely through being a two-way street. It is a never-ending … Continue reading Eye For An Eye (Quien a hierro mata)


Eva Spain (2011) Dir. Kike Maíllo Artificial Intelligence in today’s world has far exceeded its fictional roots in how computer systems can now engage in natural, responsive interactions with humans. Whilst we are still in the phase of sentient robots akin to being clunky tin cans, and fully operational AI in humanoid forms is still … Continue reading Eva

Advantages Of Travelling By Train (Ventajas de viajar en tren)

Advantages Of Travelling By Train (Ventajas de viajar en tren) Spain (2019) Dir. Aritz Moreno “Plausibility is overrated” Why do we believe what we are told? Is it the story being related or the compulsion of the narrator? Sometimes we are told the most absurd things yet we lap them up like cats with a … Continue reading Advantages Of Travelling By Train (Ventajas de viajar en tren)

Your Next Life (La vida que te espera)

Your Next Life (La vida que te espera) Spain (2004) Dir. Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón The countryside is a curiosity to us urban folk due to the long held traditions that are arcane to us, and their own set of rules and mores which wouldn’t fly in the city. It is a culture clash that will … Continue reading Your Next Life (La vida que te espera)

Facing The Wind (Con el viento)

Facing The Wind (Con el viento) Spain (2018) Dir. Meritxell Collel Aparicio We all have our own coping mechanisms. Others may not share or understand them but if it helps us get through a hard time and isn’t hurting either us or anybody else, then we should be left to our devices. But, this doesn’t … Continue reading Facing The Wind (Con el viento)

Pain And Glory (Dolor y gloria)

Pain And Glory (Dolor y gloria) Spain (2019) Dir. Pedro Almodóvar Filmmaking means many things to different people - some like to use it as a tool to air an opinion or viewpoint on a serious matter, others like to experiment. There are those who choose to simply entertain and make people happy, whilst many … Continue reading Pain And Glory (Dolor y gloria)

Everybody Knows (Todos lo saben)

Everybody Knows (Todos lo saben) Spain (2018) Dir. Asghar Farhadi “Everybody” is a word that, of late, has been overused by many people trying to justify their own opinions, becoming more of a nebulous exaggeration than a useful pronoun. Usually the problem is when everybody does know that is when dramas arise, especially in a … Continue reading Everybody Knows (Todos lo saben)