My Brilliant Life (Doo-geun-doo-geun Nae-in-saeng)

My Brilliant Life (Doo-geun-doo-geun Nae-in-saeng) Korea (2014) Dir. E J-Yong Having previously helmed historical dramas (Untold Scandal), quirky comedies (Dasepo Naughty Girls) and 2013’s meta-satire Behind The Camera, E J-Yong tackles the serious issue of the rare debilitating illness Progeria. This particular malady ages the human body quicker than normal, organs and all, resulting in … Continue reading My Brilliant Life (Doo-geun-doo-geun Nae-in-saeng)

A Reason To Live (O-neul)

  A Reason To Live (O-neul – lit. trans Today) Korea (2011) Dir. Jeong-hyang Lee It’s been one year since TV producer Da-Hye’s (Song Hye-Kyo) fiancé Sang-Woo (Ki Tae-Young) is killed in a hit and run accident by a fifteen year-old boy who Da-Hye, in line with her Catholic faith forgives the boy. But when … Continue reading A Reason To Live (O-neul)