Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)

Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel) Hungary (2016) Dir. Attila Till While Hollywood is trying to redeem itself following outcries of its lack of diversity in representing gender, race and sexual minorities in its films, the rest of the world is not only already way ahead of them but is also giving screen time to another … Continue reading Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)



Detroit US (2017) Dir. Kathryn Bigelow Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow takes us back to 1967 for a dramatisation of the infamous 12th Street Riots in Detroit, and a look at a shameful incident that will live in infamy. A raggedy animated preface proffering a brief history of the struggles for 20th century black Americans … Continue reading Detroit

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Eon-hee Trust. It’s a very important commodity in life that can make or break a relationship. If it is broken or abused, the consequences can be devastating. Lee Eon-hee’s fraught drama begins like a horrific kidnap case but in fact reveals itself to be … Continue reading Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)

The Crowd

The Crowd US (1928) Dir. King Vidor Everyone wants to stand out but whether we like or not, even an everyday convention like getting a job or being married makes us part of the crowd. Not that this should stop us from being different but aspiration and achievement are two separate things. John Sims was … Continue reading The Crowd

The Other Side Of Hope (Toivon tuolla puolen)

The Other Side Of Hope (Toivon tuolla puolen) Finland (2017) Dir. Aki Kaurismäki The Finnish master of the mundane returns with another low-key chronicle of life in his native country, laced as ever with his quietly absurd but cynically askewed humour that exposes more than it lampoons. Following on from 2011’s Le Havre, the ever-relevant … Continue reading The Other Side Of Hope (Toivon tuolla puolen)


Pulgasari North Korea (1985) Dir. Shin Sang-ok We are no strangers to Korean cinema on this site but usually the films under review come from South Korea (aka the good one) - this infamous slice of celluloid is the first time a film from North Korea (aka the bad one) is being reviewed. And it … Continue reading Pulgasari


Qarantina Iraq (2010) Dir. Oday Rasheed There are a number of ways someone can feel trapped beyond the physical restrictions of space and proximate geographical enclosures - one can be mentally or emotionally trapped in a loveless marriage, or trapped by their limitations of skills and abilities. In his second feature, Iraqi writer-director considers this … Continue reading Qarantina