The Bacchus Lady (Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja)

The Bacchus Lady (Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja) Korea (2016) Dir. E J-yong The original Korean title for this poignant and rather tragic outing from the enigmatically named E J-yong is The Killer Woman, a deceptive and less poetic title than the one used for its international release, which tells those of us outside of Korea very little … Continue reading The Bacchus Lady (Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja)


Born And Bred (Nacido y criado)

Born And Bred (Nacido y criado) Argentina (2006) Dir. Pablo Trapero And so once again I find myself in that horrible position of watching a film that has received high praise and yet can’t get into it on the same level. It’s a little disappointing as I’ve seen many of director Pablo Trapero’s subsequent films … Continue reading Born And Bred (Nacido y criado)

White Ant (Bai yi)

White Ant (Bai yi) Taiwan (2016) Dir. Chu Hsien-che We all have our little peccadilloes and foibles, the more extreme examples usually called fetishes and perversions. The default reaction to them tends to be “they need help!”, yet persecution is another knee jerk response when understanding is what someone truly needs. Bai Yide (Chris Wu), … Continue reading White Ant (Bai yi)

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Ieri oggi domani)

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Ieri oggi domani) Italy (1963) Dir. Vittorio De Sica The legendary Father of Italian Neo Realism may have drifted away from the genre he helped put on the map by the 1960’s but that didn’t stop him from having things to say about class structure and economic struggles of the ordinary … Continue reading Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Ieri oggi domani)


12 Russia (2007) Dir. Nikita Mikhalkov "The law is all powerful and constant, but what can be done when mercy has a greater force than law?" This potent quote from the pseudonymous B. Tosia closes this contemporary Russian remake/adaptation of the classic 12 Angry Men, relocating the sweaty 1950’s US jury room to a wintry … Continue reading 12

Get Out

Get Out US (2017) Dir. Jordan Peele America is a funny place. It calls itself the “Land of the Free” yet racial discrimination is still a huge problem over there. Perhaps ironically, or maybe just a sign of the times, it befalls to a black director to satirise this through the medium of film rather … Continue reading Get Out

The Eye Of Silence

The Eye Of Silence France /China (2016) Dir. Emmanuel Sapolsky A popular phrase that has arisen over the past decade or see is “can’t unsee”, usually referring to our having espied something we’d rather not, like our parents in flagrante or the latest Transformers film. For the protagonist of this theatrical debut from French TV … Continue reading The Eye Of Silence