Romang Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Chang-Geun Dementia is a cruel condition that affects 50 million people worldwide with almost 10 million new cases diagnosed a year. Whilst it is not exclusive to the elderly, they are the most common sufferers despite dementia not being a normal part of the aging process, but does mean the … Continue reading Romang

Dirty God

Dirty God UK/Netherlands (2019) Dir. Sacha Polak “Beauty is Truth” So says John Keats in his Ode on a Grecian Urn but the irony is beauty is something that is very easy to manufacture and falsify. Yet we must also ponder our definition of beauty in reference to appearance. Take away our looks do we … Continue reading Dirty God

After The Rain (Koi wa ameagari no yô ni)

After The Rain (Koi wa ameagari no yô ni) Japan (2018) Dir. Akira Nagai If you are feeling a sense of déjà vu from seeing this title, that is understandable as it is the inevitable live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series After The Rain, my review of which you can read HERE. … Continue reading After The Rain (Koi wa ameagari no yô ni)

Fugue (Fuga)

Fugue (Fuga) Poland (2018) Dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska Memories are important to us all. To lose them is tragic but an unfortunate inevitability as we get older, or suffer temporary memory loss caused by an accident or trauma. But might there be a situation where being free of bad memories is a positive? One morning in … Continue reading Fugue (Fuga)


Alanis Argentina (2017) Dir. Anahí Berneri It’s known as the World’s Oldest Profession, yet it is one that is least likely to see those who work in it high on people’s esteem list. Regardless of whether you considered them near the bottom of society’s scale, they are still human beings and surely should be able … Continue reading Alanis

Make Up

Make Up UK (2019) Dir. Claire Oakley Being the outsider is always difficult, more so when you arrive in a place where the local community is tight knit. You may have the support of someone close already part of that number, but there is still everyone else to win over - just don’t end up … Continue reading Make Up

He Who Gets Slapped

He Who Gets Slapped US (1924) Dir. Victor Sjöström Laughter is the best medicine, it helps us get through the day, and we should all laugh or lose our minds. Yet, laughter can be cruel, demeaning, and destructive, ruining our confidence or happiness by those who laugh at us and not with us. Perhaps this … Continue reading He Who Gets Slapped

Vitalina Varela

Vitalina Varela Portugal (2019) Dir. Pedro Costa Everyone handles grief in different ways but it is fair to say the circumstances behind the cause of this grief often dictates a lot of how we react to it. Learning something about the person you are mourning that shocks you to the core is a prime example. … Continue reading Vitalina Varela

Fagara (Hua jiao zhi wei)

Fagara (Hua jiao zhi wei) Hong Kong (2019) Dir. Heiward Mak The bond between father and daughter can often be as strong as that between mother and daughter, and one can that can hurt deeply if it is compromised in some way. If it isn’t “Daddy’s little girl” growing up that is the cause, it … Continue reading Fagara (Hua jiao zhi wei)

Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan)

Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan) Korea (2020) Dir. Jung Jin-Young One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to lose sense of who they are, to no longer have their own personality - that is, of course, if they are aware that they are becoming somebody else. Then again, how would … Continue reading Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan)