Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians US (2018) Dir. Jon M. Chu Yes, I know I am late to the party on this one. I I’m only watching it now because I rented it for my mum and got curious. As one of the biggest surprise hits of last year, Crazy Rich Asians comes with a lot of … Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians


Apprentice Singapore (2016) Dir. Boo Junfeng Let’s get all the Lord Sugar, “You’re Fired!” related gags out our systems before proceeding with this review - Boo Junfeng’s dark prison drama looks at the moral issues surrounding the death penalty in Singapore from two different perspectives. Malay officer Sergeant Aiman (Firdaus Rahman) is transferred to Larangan … Continue reading Apprentice

Ilo Ilo

Ilo Ilo Singapore (2013) Dir. Anthony Chen This directorial debut from Singapore writer and director Anthony Chen is set in 1997 just as the big Asian Financial Crisis is about to hit and predating the current economic global mess by a decade. It centres around the Lim family, comprising of pregnant mother Hwee Leng (Yann … Continue reading Ilo Ilo