Movie Review – The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle (Schloß Vogelöd) Germany (1921) Dir. F.W Murnau If there is a double edged sword in life which doesn’t get much deliberation, it is having a reputation that precedes you. For example, being known as fearsome puts people on high alert to behave around you; conversely, if the word is you are a … Continue reading Movie Review – The Haunted Castle

Movie Review – The Hands Of Orlac

The Hands Of Orlac (Orlacs Hände) Austria (1924) Dir. Robert Wiene When people have heart transplants they sometimes say they feel a little different from having it replaced by one from another person. This is psychological but may have some merit to it although it may not apply to all forms of transplant - for … Continue reading Movie Review – The Hands Of Orlac

Movie Review – Waxworks (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett)

Waxworks (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett) Germany (1924) Dir. Paul Leni Have you ever wandered through a museum or art display, looked at the exhibits, and ever pondered the stories behind them? There must be something exciting about their history to warrant public display in the first place that we don’t always know about. If not, why not … Continue reading Movie Review – Waxworks (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett)

Movie Review – The Last Warning

The Last Warning US (1928) Dir. Paul Leni You don’t want to upset the dead, It’s a lesson we all learn when we‘re young but some people just never learn. Should you get a message from the other side, ignore it at your peril, and be prepared to suffer the consequences if you do. During … Continue reading Movie Review – The Last Warning

Movie Review – Die Nibelungen

Die Nibelungen Germany (1924) Dir. Fritz Lang The word “epic” is used all too often to describe a film of immense length or a story that takes the reader or listener on a journey beyond the simple linear scope of A to B. In the modern era, a film of two hours plus is an … Continue reading Movie Review – Die Nibelungen

He Who Gets Slapped

He Who Gets Slapped US (1924) Dir. Victor Sjöström Laughter is the best medicine, it helps us get through the day, and we should all laugh or lose our minds. Yet, laughter can be cruel, demeaning, and destructive, ruining our confidence or happiness by those who laugh at us and not with us. Perhaps this … Continue reading He Who Gets Slapped

Blu-Ray Review – George Méliès’ A Trip To The Moon

George Méliès’ A Trip To The Moon (Cert U) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 13 minutes approx. One of the most enduring and iconic images in cinema history adorns the front cover of this Blu-ray release of one of the most famous and influential films of all time, and even if you … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – George Méliès’ A Trip To The Moon


Champagne UK (1928) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock People who grew up with wealth are the worst. There, I said it. Now, I realise that might be deemed and egregious generalisation, but there are far too many examples of people whose sense of entitlement has come from not having to struggle or often actually work to afford … Continue reading Champagne

Battling Butler

Battling Butler US (1926) Dir. Buster Keaton The things a guy will do to impress a girl. The great thing about cinema is the field is wide open to explore this to the enth degree and beyond, and better still, the innocence of simpler times make it even more fun. Privileged Alfred Butler (Buster Keaton) … Continue reading Battling Butler


Piccadilly UK (1929) Dir. E.A Dupont Fame and fortune - is it really worth risking everything over? And why does the rise to the top always bring out the worst in people? It’s a story for the ages, one artists will never tire of telling, and people never tire of hearing. London nightclub Piccadilly, owned … Continue reading Piccadilly