Misbehavior (Yeo-gyo-sa)

Misbehavior (Yeo-gyo-sa) Korea (2016) Dir. Kim Tae-yong It’s tough getting older, having worked hard all your life, giving your best years to the same job and the same people, then a younger model comes along and usurps it all. How you handle this depends on your resolve, but sometimes you are gifted the perfect ammunition … Continue reading Misbehavior (Yeo-gyo-sa)


Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mu ji zhe)

Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mu ji zhe)   Taiwan (2017) Dir. Cheng Wei-hao Everyone knows the Sparrow did it - he even confessed. Well, that was quick wasn’t it? Actually, the second film from Cheng Wei-hao has nothing to do with this traditional nursery rhyme aside from using the title to imply this mystery crime thriller … Continue reading Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mu ji zhe)

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas)

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas) Spain (2003) Dir. Laura Mañá The ability to tell a convincing story is a rare skill but one that can pay dividends, used correctly of course, unless one starts to believe the yarn they are spinning. This Spanish psychological thriller adds a fresh twist on the serial killer genre in both … Continue reading Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas)

High Heels (Tacones lejanos)

High Heels (Tacones lejanos) Spain (1991) Dir. Pedro Almodóvar Mostly in films about fractured relationships, it is a woman getting in between two men - but this is an Almodóvar film so naturally this situation is inverted, AND the two women in question just happen to be mother and daughter, which is just the tip … Continue reading High Heels (Tacones lejanos)

White Ant (Bai yi)

White Ant (Bai yi) Taiwan (2016) Dir. Chu Hsien-che We all have our little peccadilloes and foibles, the more extreme examples usually called fetishes and perversions. The default reaction to them tends to be “they need help!”, yet persecution is another knee jerk response when understanding is what someone truly needs. Bai Yide (Chris Wu), … Continue reading White Ant (Bai yi)

El crimen del Padre Amaro

El crimen del Padre Amaro Mexico (2002) Dir. Carlos Carrera They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and this scathing critique of corruption within the Mexican Catholic church goes some way to exemplifying this. After causing uproar with the church before it was even released El crimen del Padre Amaro went on … Continue reading El crimen del Padre Amaro

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q) Japan (2001) Dir. Takashi Miike When one thinks of dysfunctional families usually cartoon broods like The Simpsons or The Griffins are nominated. But the Yamazaki family in this film from Japanese provocateur Takashi Miike don’t just take the biscuit, they snatch the whole pack, gorge it down in one go then … Continue reading Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)