Grain (Bugday)

Grain (Bugday) Turkey (2017) Dir. Semih Kaplanoglu Manmade ecological disasters is a fertile subject for filmmakers but being too heavy handed or didactic with the message is a perilous concern. Running that risk is Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu, who uses as part of his inspiration a passage from the Quran in his plea for us … Continue reading Grain (Bugday)

Honey (Bal)

Honey (Bal) Turkey (2010) Dir. Semih Kaplanoglu In a remote part of the Turkish countryside six year-old Yusuf (Bora Altas) lives with his bee keeping father Yakup (Erdal Besikçioglu) and his mother Zahra (Tülin Özen). They live a quiet and modest existence but things slowly begin to crumble for them. Yakup’s bees seem to be … Continue reading Honey (Bal)