Love On Delivery (Poh wai ji wong)

Love On Delivery (Poh wai ji wong) Hong Kong (1994) Dirs. Stephen Chow & Lee Lik-Chi Stephen Chow has been the most prominent name in off-the-wall comedy from Hong Kong for two decades yet very few of his films have made it to the UK. Luckily for us, Amazon Prime have got their hands on … Continue reading Love On Delivery (Poh wai ji wong)

The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi)

The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi) Korea (2016) Dir. Park Chan-Wook Following a stint in Hollywood that yielded 2013’s Stoker, Park Chan-Wook is back on native turf and while the US idea of aesthetic grandeur has rubbed off on him The Handmaiden is just as subversive as Park’s previous Korean work. Relocating the Victorian England setting of Sarah … Continue reading The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi)

I’m No Angel

I'm No Angel US (1933) Dir. Wesley Ruggles One of the most recognisable stars of the 1930’s in Hollywood, and one of the more unlikely sex symbols of the era by today’s standards was a 40 year-old bold-as-brass Brooklyn born peddler of innuendo and sass who upset the censors as much as she delighted the … Continue reading I’m No Angel


Alléluia Belgium (2014) Dir. Fabrice Du Welz For his fourth film, Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz has chosen to add to the many inspired by the real life story of the Lonely Hearts Killers of the late 1940’s, murderous husband and wife Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck. Alléluia is the tale of hard working single … Continue reading Alléluia


Ca$h France (2008) Dir. Éric Besnard A conman named Solal (Clovis Cornillac) is killed during a scam by a gunman from a rival gang Vincent (Mehdi Nebbou). His brother Cash (Jean Dujardin) and his crime “family” – François (François Berléand), Léa (Caroline Proust) and Fred le marin (Samir Guesmi) want revenge but have plans for … Continue reading CA$H