Shoplifters (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Thunderbird Releasing) Running Time: 121 minutes approx. The family that steals together stays together - or something like that. Okay, that isn’t the exact quote but in the context of the latest masterwork from Japan’s top chronicler of modern life in the Land of the Rising Sun, it … Continue reading Shoplifters

Torso (Toruso)

Torso (Toruso) Japan (2009) Dir. Yutaka Yamazaki People. Who needs them? I suppose we all do really but then again some of us are more content living a life of isolation, on our own terms, without having to conform to what others do or think about us. As far as office worker Hiroko (Makiko Watanabe) … Continue reading Torso (Toruso)

Petal Dance (Petaru dansu)

Petal Dance (Petaru dansu) Japan (2013) Dir. Hiroshi Ishikawa Sometimes one watches a film and has a hard time trying to decipher what it is the director is trying to say, which often is made all the more difficult with an obscure title that has zero bearing on the story itself. Considering a recurring theme … Continue reading Petal Dance (Petaru dansu)

100 Yen Love (Hyakuen no koi)

100 Yen Love (Hyakuen no koi) Japan (2014) Dir. Masaharu Take Korean-Japanese director Masaharu Take explores an esoteric avenue to personal achievement in this quirky comedy drama that hopes to provide inspiration to the least of us. Jobless and unskilled 32 year-old Ichiko (Sakura Ando) lives at home with her family above their small bento … Continue reading 100 Yen Love (Hyakuen no koi)


0.5mm Japan (2014) Dir. Momoko Ando Five years after her debut Kakera - A Piece Of Our Life Momoko Ando finally delivers her follow-up in the form of this 187 minute (you read that right) adaptation of her own novel 0.5mm. And it seems that the only person Ando could trust to carry such a … Continue reading 0.5mm

For Love’s Sake

For Love’s Sake (Cert 15) 2 Discs (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 133 minutes approx. Japan 1972 and sullen bad boy Makoto Taiga (Satoshi Tsumabuki) arrives in Tokyo and true to form, gets himself in a fight almost immediately with the local street kids. When the police arrive wholesome privileged schoolgirl Ai Satome (Emi … Continue reading For Love’s Sake

Love Exposure

Love Exposure (Cert 18) 2 Discs (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 237 minutes approx. Made in 2008 Sion Sono’s epic tale of love, death, sex, violence, religion, family, religious cults, pornography, ninja upskirt photography and cross dressing was not just a breakthrough opus for the erstwhile cult horror director but a landmark achievement in … Continue reading Love Exposure

Crime Or Punishment?!?

Crime Or Punishment?!? (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 111 minutes approx. Aspiring model Ayame Enjoji (Riko Narumi) is having a run if bad luck. First she is distraught to see her photo published upside down in a new magazine then inadvertently runs off with said publication, to be forced, as … Continue reading Crime Or Punishment?!?