Movie Review – Little Miss Period (Seiri-chan)

Little Miss Period (Seiri-chan)  Japan (2019) Dir. Shunsuke Shinada Menstruation. When was the last time you saw a film on this subject? Not just featuring a scene involving it, I mean a whole film? Probably never? Well, if there is one country we can rely on to break this taboo it is of course Japan! … Continue reading Movie Review – Little Miss Period (Seiri-chan)

Asako I & II (Netemo sametemo)

Asako I & II (Netemo sametemo) Japan (2018) Dir. Ryusuke Hamaguchi Apparently, it isn’t what you look like that matters when finding love, but what is on the inside, but let’s face it, good looks do help as an icebreaker in establishing an immediate attraction between two people. But what if two people look alike … Continue reading Asako I & II (Netemo sametemo)