Blue Spring (Aoi haru)

Blue Spring (Aoi haru) Japan (2001) Dir. Toshiaki Toyoda School was hard, at least for me - bullied, unable to keep up with others - but if this film is any indication, and I hope it isn’t, I got off very lightly compared to the sheer horror on display here courtesy of a group of … Continue reading Blue Spring (Aoi haru)

Before We Vanish

Before We Vanish (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 130 minutes approx. “Then why not act more like an alien? Shoot death rays from your eyes!” If this is our perception of what an alien is, no wonder visitors to earth from another planet are unsure what being human is. Then … Continue reading Before We Vanish

My Little Sweet Pea (Mugiko san to)

My Little Sweet Pea (Mugiko san to) Japan (2013) Dir. Keisuke Yoshida Being a parent isn’t easy and neither is being a child who grows up without one in their lives. Obviously there can be a number of reasons why this should be but what muddies the waters is not knowing the truth behind these … Continue reading My Little Sweet Pea (Mugiko san to)

The Great Passage (Fune wo amu)

The Great Passage (Fune wo amu) Japan (2013) Dir. Yuya Ishii Tokyo, 1995 and Kohei Araki (Kaoru Kobayashi) works in the small dictionary editing department of a large publishing company. His wife is very ill and he wants to retire to look after her, but when the current editor-in-chief Tomosuke Matsumoto (Go Kato) announces he … Continue reading The Great Passage (Fune wo amu)