Movie Review – The Spy (Spionen)

The Spy (Spionen) Norway (2019)  Dir. Jens Jonsson When asked to name a famous female wartime spy, the first one to come to mind will be Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod or Mata Hari as she was better known. A much lesser known name also to enjoy this infamy is Norwegian-Swedish actress Sonja Wigert, something this film … Continue reading Movie Review – The Spy (Spionen)

A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove)

A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove) Sweden (2015) Dir. Hannes Holm If people are grumpy, maybe there is a reason for this, but how many of us are either too intimidated or simply put off by someone’s gruff and belligerent behaviour to find out what that reason is? Based on the novel … Continue reading A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove)

After The Wedding (Efter brylluppet)

After The Wedding (Efter brylluppet) Denmark (2006) Dir. Susanne Bier Jacob Petersen (Mads Mikkelsen) runs a small orphanage in India which si facing bankruptcy until a wealthy Swedish businessman living in Denmark, Jørgen Lennart Hansson (Rolf Lassgård), wants to invest. Jacob travels to Denmark to meet Jørgen, where Jørgen invites Jacob to the wedding of … Continue reading After The Wedding (Efter brylluppet)

The Hunters (Jägarna)

The Hunters (Jägarna) Sweden (1996) Dir. Kjell Sundvall After twenty years away in Stockholm, detective Erik Bäckström (Rolf Lassgård) returns home to the mountain village of Älvsbyn in Norrland in northern Sweden following the death of his abusive father where he is reunited with his younger brother Leif (Lennart Jähkel). One his first day working … Continue reading The Hunters (Jägarna)

False Trail (Jägarna 2)

False Trail (Jägarna 2) Sweden (2011) Dir. Kjell Sundvall In the rural village of Norrland a group of hunters are out on their latest organised hunt when a young girl, Elin (Ellenor Lindgren), is seen running through the woods, bloodied and beaten. Soon after she is reported missing but evidence suggest she was shot during … Continue reading False Trail (Jägarna 2)