Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

Land Of Mine (Under sandet) Denmark (2015) Dir. Martin Zandvliet Another film about World War II that is “based on true events” - haven’t we emptied that particular well already? As it transpires we haven’t and if Land Of Mine is any indicator, there is still a huge wealth of important but overlooked tales of … Continue reading Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

R: Hit First, Hit Hardest

R: Hit First, Hit Hardest Denmark (2010) Dirs. Tobias Lindholm & Michael Noer Sometimes when one particular film comes along and causes a stir, others will come along it is wake covering similar themes and either slips under the radar or be dismissed as a clone despite having equally superlative credentials in its own right. … Continue reading R: Hit First, Hit Hardest

Northwest (Nordvest)

Northwest (Nordvest) Denmark (2013) Dir. Michael Noer Once again another slice of gritty Nordic Noir comes our way to give us further cause to avoid Scandinavia when booking our holidays all the way delivering more tense and thematically unpleasant confrontational dramatic cinema. The second feature film from former documentary maker Michael Noer takes us into … Continue reading Northwest (Nordvest)