The Conversation

The Conversation US (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola Back in the 1980s, the four hosts of hidden camera TV show called Game For A Laugh would sign off saying, “Watching us, watching you, watching us, watching you”. It was a cute slogan to get us to tune in to watch others be pranked but it … Continue reading The Conversation


Widows US/UK (2018) Dir. Steve McQueen In following up his Oscar winning 12 Years A Slave, Brit director Steve McQueen takes the unusual route of resurrecting an 80’s British TV crime drama and giving it a modern - a very Hollywood - overhaul. A criminal gang led by Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson) based in Chicago … Continue reading Widows

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now US (1979) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola MIB’s road to film buff redemption continues with this first time viewing of one of the most celebrated and seminal of war films, Coppola’s epic nightmare ride Apocalypse Now. Taking as its inspiration the novella Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Coppola takes us on a voyage … Continue reading Apocalypse Now

The Godfather Part II

The Godfather Part II US (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola And so to the much lauded sequel. Or is it a prequel?  Actually it’s both although many purists prefer to suggest it is more of a companion piece to its seminal predecessor. Whatever you want to call The Godfather Part II, one thing it can … Continue reading The Godfather Part II

The Godfather

The Godfather US (1972) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola Of all the classic films that regularly feature as close the top as possible in the Greatest Film Ever lists that I’m coming to far too late in my film buff life, The Godfather (and its sequels – although I am aware the third is the least … Continue reading The Godfather