Dragonball Z Movie Collection Two: The Tree of Might/Lord Slug

Dragonball Z Movie Collection Two: The Tree of Might/Lord Slug (Cert 12) 2 Discs DVD/Blu-ray Combo (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 61 minutes approx. / 52 minutes approx. Release Date: November 27th  Continuing the remastered releases of the original Dragonball Z “films” (none have barely broken the hour mark thus far), Manga Entertainment have two … Continue reading Dragonball Z Movie Collection Two: The Tree of Might/Lord Slug


Misbehavior (Yeo-gyo-sa)

Misbehavior (Yeo-gyo-sa) Korea (2016) Dir. Kim Tae-yong It’s tough getting older, having worked hard all your life, giving your best years to the same job and the same people, then a younger model comes along and usurps it all. How you handle this depends on your resolve, but sometimes you are gifted the perfect ammunition … Continue reading Misbehavior (Yeo-gyo-sa)

Justice League

Justice League (Cert 12A) US (2017) Dir. Zack Snyder In early 2016 the DCU, in response to Marvel producing successful super-team films thought it had the crown in their hands when they paired off its two most iconic Superheroes Batman and Superman in one film. Sadly, the film was a misfire and soured the DCU … Continue reading Justice League

Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

Land Of Mine (Under sandet) Denmark (2015) Dir. Martin Zandvliet Another film about World War II that is “based on true events” - haven’t we emptied that particular well already? As it transpires we haven’t and if Land Of Mine is any indicator, there is still a huge wealth of important but overlooked tales of … Continue reading Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

Kalinka (Au nom de ma fille)

Kalinka (Au nom de ma fille) France (2016) Dir. Vincent Garenq Divorce is always hard, especially on the children who are forced to divide their time between their separated parents, with whom the other is expected to be able to trust their wellbeing implicitly. If this trust is broken, things are likely to get even … Continue reading Kalinka (Au nom de ma fille)

Naruto Shippuden Collection 30

Naruto Shippuden Collection 30 (Episodes 375-387) (Cert 12) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 306 minutes approx. Release Date: November 27th  The big news coming out of the last volume of Naruto Shippuden was the return to the fold of Sasuke after many years fighting against his fellow Hidden Leaf ninjas. It wasn’t quite … Continue reading Naruto Shippuden Collection 30

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas)

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas) Spain (2003) Dir. Laura Mañá The ability to tell a convincing story is a rare skill but one that can pay dividends, used correctly of course, unless one starts to believe the yarn they are spinning. This Spanish psychological thriller adds a fresh twist on the serial killer genre in both … Continue reading Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas)