Good Morning (Ohayou)

Good Morning (Ohayou) Japan (1959) Dir. Yasujiro Ozu Times moved rather quickly in the 20th century; at least here in the west, while Japan still clung on to their own culture, content not to succumb to western influences that first arrived the late 19th century. But when they eventually took hold in the post-World War … Continue reading Good Morning (Ohayou)


Selma US (2014) Dir. Ava DuVernay Films based on historical events will always court a curious eye in terms of their accuracy which is open to dramatic and artistic licence dependant on what the director’s criteria is for telling the story at hand. This account of Martin Luther King’s struggle to secure the right to … Continue reading Selma


Hunger UK (2008) Dir. Steve McQueen The debut feature film from the man who dominated the awards this year with the mighty 12 Years A Slave is an equally uncompromising dramatisation based on the hunger strike of the IRA prisoners  in the Maze Prison In Northern Ireland in 1981. Unlike 12 Years… this is a … Continue reading Hunger