Beauty And The Dogs (Aala Kaf Ifrit)

Beauty And The Dogs (Aala Kaf Ifrit) Tunisia (2017) Dir. Kaouther Ben Hania MIB’s cinematic world tour makes it first stop in Tunisia, revealing a country that has its own share of corruption issues within those looked upon to protect and serve the people. Kaouther Ben Hania’s harrowing tale of one young woman’s fight against … Continue reading Beauty And The Dogs (Aala Kaf Ifrit)

Hit-and-Run Squad (Bbaengban)

Hit-and-Run Squad (Bbaengban) Korea (2019) Dir. Han Jun-Hee Apparently, motor racing is a corrupt sport. What a shocker eh? Well, that might not be completely true but in the context of this Korean film it is, although it is just one part of the plot and I couldn’t think of another way to open this … Continue reading Hit-and-Run Squad (Bbaengban)

Crime Story (Jung on zo)

Crime Story (Jung on zo) Hong Kong (1993) Dir. Kirk Wong If you think about it, the last person who should ever orchestrate a kidnapping plot is an active police officer. Sure, they can find ways to sabotage the investigation and put their colleagues off the scent but eventually, their malfeasance is going to catch … Continue reading Crime Story (Jung on zo)