The Odyssey (L’odyssée)

The Odyssey (L'odyssée) France (2016) Dir. Jérôme Salle Jacques Cousteau is a name that many young people today might not be familiar with as much as us oldies are. The legendary oceanographer, diver, inventor, and proto eco-warrior was a global icon, famed for his groundbreaking films and TV documentaries that took us to the depths … Continue reading The Odyssey (L’odyssée)


Frantz France/Germany (2016) Dir. François Ozon Some might consider remaking a film by the legendary Ernst Lubitsch as a bold move (although it’s already happened with Mel Brooks in To Be Or Not To Be) but François Ozon has never been afraid to defy convention. Luckily he chose a lesser-known Lubistch film to update, 1932’s … Continue reading Frantz