The Piper (Sonnim)

The Piper (Sonnim) Korea (2015) Dir. Kim Gwang-tae Leave it to the Koreans to take a popular, timeless fairy tale for kids and turn it into a horrifying nightmare film to give everyone the willies! They did it before with the rather spooky Hansel & Gretel back in 2008, now it’s the Pied Piper of … Continue reading The Piper (Sonnim)

MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2014 (UK)

  Over the past few years it has been heavily postulated that the rise of streaming and fan subbed anime would be the death of the physical release for international fans – after all, we can now get to see the most of the hot new shows literally hours after they air on TV in … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2014 (UK)

Time Of Eve – The Movie

Time Of Eve - The Movie (Cert PG) 2 Discs (Distributor: Pied Piper) Running time: 107 minutes approx. Before we get to the main review we need to quickly look at the story behind this title’s belated UK release. Time Of Eve was originally an online only series consisting of six episodes which aired between … Continue reading Time Of Eve – The Movie