Pusher Denmark (1996) Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn He might currently be best known for his lavish but polarising arty films that clash against the conventions of modern Hollywood but Danish writer-director Nicolas Winding Refn served a more modest beginning to his filmmaking career in his homeland with this gritty debut, the first in a trilogy … Continue reading Pusher

In Order Of Disappearance (Kraftidioten)

In Order Of Disappearance (Kraftidioten) Norway/Sweden (2014) Dir. Hans Petter Moland Liam Neeson’s Taken franchise seems to have reinvigorated the vengeful parent premise within the thriller genre if this latest black comedy from Scandinavia is any indication. But this translocation to the snowy climes of Norway brings with it the unique Nordic Noir take on … Continue reading In Order Of Disappearance (Kraftidioten)