Never Look Away (Werk ohne Autor)

Never Look Away (Werk ohne Autor) Germany (2018) Dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck So, what is art? Is it simply drawing nice pictures, or creating something abstract with profound meaning? Or is it expressing something truthful or powerfully political? For most people it is probably the sum of all these parts as much as any … Continue reading Never Look Away (Werk ohne Autor)


Transit Germany (2018) Dir. Christian Petzold Survival in extreme circumstances may often require the odd white lie - or even a major one - to be told, but is there a line which shouldn’t be crossed in distorting the truth, especially if it means unwittingly involving others in this grand deception? In an alternate present-day … Continue reading Transit


Frantz France/Germany (2016) Dir. François Ozon Some might consider remaking a film by the legendary Ernst Lubitsch as a bold move (although it’s already happened with Mel Brooks in To Be Or Not To Be) but François Ozon has never been afraid to defy convention. Luckily he chose a lesser-known Lubistch film to update, 1932’s … Continue reading Frantz