The Shameless (Mu-roe-han)

The Shameless (Mu-roe-han) Korea (2015) Dir. Oh Seung-Uk If the number one rule instilled in future police officers is not “never fall in love with a criminals wife/girlfriend/lover” then it really should be, even if it does mostly apply to fictional cops on the big screen. Returning to the director’s chair after 15 years, Oh … Continue reading The Shameless (Mu-roe-han)

A Violent Prosecutor (Geomsawejeon)

A Violent Prosecutor (Geomsawejeon) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Il-Hyeong You have to feel for Lee Il-Hyeong. His directorial debut with an A-list cast was on course to being the highest grossing film of 2016 in his native Korea, until the lauded zombie flick Train To Busan (due in the UK very soon) appeared and usurped … Continue reading A Violent Prosecutor (Geomsawejeon)

Office (O piseu)

Office (O piseu) Korea (2015) Dir. Hong Won-Chan When David Brent told his staff at Wernham Hogg “You will never work in a place like this again. It's brilliant. Fact” this may have been his usual braggadocio, but compared to the office in this Korean thriller, there is an irrefutable truth in Brent’s boast. The … Continue reading Office (O piseu)