Movie Review – It Must Be Heaven

It Must Be Heaven Palestine (2019) Dir. Elia Suleiman It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an “I don’t get it” film so you can thank Palestinian director Elia Suleiman for bringing it back to this site. I’m being this frank upfront and early because I honestly don’t know how else to introduce my thoughts … Continue reading Movie Review – It Must Be Heaven

Paradise Now

Paradise Now Palestine (2005) Dir. Hany Abu-Assad In my review of the film Hanagatami I discussed how director Nobuhiko Obayashi made it whilst living with a diagnosis of terminal cancer, and how surreal it must be knowing death is imminent. In a twist on that premise, what must a suicide bomber be thinking knowing their … Continue reading Paradise Now


Omar Palestine (2013) Dir. Hany Abu-Assad Being in love will always mean hardships for young couples to overcome, whether it is disapproving parents, age gaps, or compatibility issues, but arguably the most damaging obstacle after religion, is politics. We’re not talking about having to deal with your new love being a Tory voter; the politics … Continue reading Omar


Wajib Palestine (2017) Dir. Annemarie Jacir Every country has its own traditions, many revolving around the family and one’s duty to honour them. Take one person out of this internal network to experience a world outside of these confines and there is an inevitable dynamic shift as these cultural ideals collide upon their return. Can … Continue reading Wajib

When I Saw You (Lamma shoftak)

When I Saw You (Lamma shoftak) Palestine (2012) Dir. Annemarie Jacir Palestine has been in the news recently due to a horrendous and needless situation that has seen many innocent lives lost. Unfortunately this is not a new experience for the Palestinians and one would imagine that there could possibly be any tales of an … Continue reading When I Saw You (Lamma shoftak)